Today In APIs: IFTTT Pulls Twitter Support, Build Election Apps, API Pricing and 20 New APIs

IFTTT disables Twitter Triggers. Google Civic Information API plans to be your API for building Election apps. FullContact provides us a lesson in API Pricing. Plus ZL announces an API to tap into unstructured Big Data, experiences of one hackbright academy graduate of the technical fellowship for women, and 20 New APIs.

Twitter changes cause IFTTT to pull Twitter support

IFTTT, the popular service that has helped bring Event Programming to the masses has joined the camp of online services that had to review their features vis-a-vis the new Twitter API policies. Linden Tibbetts, IFTTT CEO send out an email that outlining features of IFTTT Twitter Integration that would be disabled. The email said "We will be removing all Twitter Triggers, disabling your ability to push tweets to places like email, Evernote and Facebook. All Personal and Shared Recipes using a Twitter Trigger will also be removed. Recipes using Twitter Actions and your ability to post new tweets via IFTTT will continue to work just fine". It will be interesting to see what happens to the Twitter ecosystem in a year from now.

Build Apps for Elections with Google Civic Information API

With the November round the corner, here is your chance to build an election app via the Google Civic Information API. The API provides information on Polling place, early vote location, candidate data, and election official information to users. The API works off an individual address and it uses that information to provide information on whether voter is eligible to vote and what offices and ballot measures the voter may vote on. The API is currently geared towards US addresses only. Full information isn't yet available for the November 6th General Election but it is expected to be there by mid-October. Do note that this API is expected to replace the Google Election Center API, which will be turned down after January 1, 2013.

Why 70% could be better than 100%?

FullContactAPI Providers are continuously grappling with shorter release cycles and yet making sure that they have the right set of features in the release along with pricing. A FullContact blog post provides great insight into how you could reduce your cycle by not trying to achieve 100%, given time constraints and the fact that their are dynamic factors are at play. It gives an example of how they used the principle to help price their API and which lead to an increase in customers who signed up for their API.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

20 New APIs

Today we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a social organizing service, a real-time classifieds Platform, a cloud platform Resource Scaling service, a payment distribution platform, a voice communications platform for applications and an application deployment service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

OneTok's SaaS Voice Recognition Announces its Beyond Beta

ActionKitActionKit API: The service provides tools for organizing and fund-raising by political and issue advocacy groups. The provider has leveraged experience with the toolkit used by by to provide a widely accessible platform for online community building to promote social causes and movements in politics and the public sphere.

API methods support managing lists of donors, community members, and other contacts, including address and contact information, interests, contact history, and history of participation. Methods also support managing resources accessed by community members, including fund-raising appeals and other communications .

adFreeqadFreeq API: adFreeq is a advertising solutions provider. They provide website owners, publishers, and other related industries a mutually supportive network. adFreeq offers adPortals that connect website owners with businesses and publishers in need of advertising space. The adPortals, once installed on a given web page, allows sellers to dynamically insert ads in real-time. adFreeq also provides tools and templates for ad creation. The adFreeq API exposes the uploading functionality and allows developers to sync up or download their ads in bulk.

Amazon Auto ScalingAmazon Auto Scaling API: The service supplements the provider's CloudWatch and Elastic Load Balancing services to scale virtual server resources up and down in response to traffic, resource scheduling, and system performance status. It automatically launches or terminates instances in the provider's cloud platform for flexible response to system conditions either detected or preset.

API methods support definition of resource groupings and assignment of processing capacity according to policies set beforehand matching system responses to conditions detected. Methods also support gathering and processing of system performance metrics and definition of system response policies based on those metrics. The API allows for notifications based on defined system events and conditions.

BatchexBatchex API: Batchex is an online payment solutions provider. They offer sellers, retailers, and other businesses tools for streamlined billing processes. Their payment distribution service allows users to upload payout data and set up billing schedules. Batchex will interpret the data and send payments as checks or electronically. Batchex will also provide reports on payment statuses and processing. The Batchex API exposes uploading functionality that allows users to load up payout reports and data.

CloudTalkCloudTalk API: CloudTalk is a platform for communications for mobile and web applications. CloudTalk's platform allows for voice communication for applications.

The CloudTalk APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of the CloudTalk platform with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing users and accounts, sending text messages, transcribing voice, and retrieving notifications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

DeployGateDeployGate API: DeployGate is a platform for users to deploy, analyze, and update applications in real-time wirelessly. DeployGate offers a dashboard that provides information about applications.

The DeployGate API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of DeployGate with other applications. The main API method is pushing content to applications.

DispatchDispatch API: Dispatch is an event automation system using email and Webhooks. Dispatch offers automation of creating contacts, sending SMS messages, making calls, and more. Using emails and webhooks containing JSON, various events can be automated with Dispatch's features. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

DocuVantageDocuVantage API: DocuVantage is a document management service. They provide an OnDemand platform that assists businesses engaged in web marketing with the organization and distribution of their content. The tools included in the platform range from cloud storage space to workflow management and document digitization. This allows users to access, manage, and share their files from a centralized online location regulated by preset workflow principles. The DocuVantage API exposes integration functionality and allows developers to attach the OnDemand platform to middleware, 3rd party and other types of software.

HP Imaging Cloud Photo SuiteHP Imaging Cloud Photo Suite API: HP Labs is a division of HP dedicated to researching and developing a greater expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines. The HP Imaging Cloud Photo Suite is a collection of services hosted on the HP Cloud that developers are invited to utilize in applications. The services include: the BRIC Photo layout API that auto-adjusts aspect ratios and photo sizes to fit the most pictures on a single page. The Page PIrate API takes photos of written information and sharpens the text and adjusts image aspects to make the information legible. The Face Detect API recognizes faces within a photo and returns a rectangle where faces are located. The Auto Crop API uses algorithms and photo references to suggest possible crop options to improve composition.

Life FitnessLife Fitness API: Life Fitness is a exercise equipment company. Life Fitness makes exercise and fitness equipment that can be found in gyms and schools across the country.

Life Fitness has an API, LFopen, that allows developers to access and integrate data from Life Fitness products with other applications and to create new applications that interact with Life Fitness products. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information. NAC NAC Geoservices API: The service provides geolocation and geocoding services based on a Natural Area Code (NAC). Accuracy can vary, from a two-character code identifying an area roughly 1000 km east-to-west and 750 km north-to-south to a ten-character code marking a location approximately 1 square meter anywhere in the world. Longer NACs can Function as Universal Addresses, because they are accurate to the size of a building.

API methods support generation of NAC values at either two-, four-, eight-, or ten-character accuracy based on input of location coordinates such as a street address or latitude/longitude coordinates. Methods provide for both geocoding and reverse geocoding, along with mapping coordinates, route planning, and definition of a great circle path between specified points. API documentation is available, but additional information is sparse and dated, so viability of the service may be in question.

multimobilmultimobil API: The service, based in Sweden, provides services for mobile devices including messaging and online payments via all mobile operator networks. It enables both SMS text messaging and MMS multimedia messaging for Swedish recipients, with options for interactive surveys. A mobile publishing service provides display pages for online marketing campaigns and shopping services for e-commerce, with payment processing via credit card.

API methods support sending SMS and MMS messages, both to individual recipients and to subscriber lists, and receiving responses. Methods also support mobile payment for online content and purchases via the shopping service. The API generates statistics logging system traffic and provides detailed reporting capabilities.

OneTokOneTok API: OneTok is a platform that allows developers to embed Voice Recognition Controls to apps and other internet connected devices. Developers can simply configure a word or phrase to access an app's functionality. Native commands are available for Android, Blackberry 10, and iOS and include log-in, post to Facebook, share via email or Twitter, search, enter credit card info, zoom, and navigate. An API is available to integrate the OneTok platform into apps.

PassDockPassDock API: PassDock is a service that allows users to create and generate "passes" and content for Apple's PassBook. PassDock offers various templates to create boarding passes, event tickets, coupons, and store cards for PassBook.

The PassDock API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PassDock with PassBook and other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving templates, creating passes, posting passes, and deleting passes.

PassKitPassKit API: PassKit is a pass and ticket generator for Apple's PassBook. PassKit offers templates and designs for event tickets, coupons, giftcards, and boarding passes.

The PassKit API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PassKit with PassBook and other applications. Public documentation is not available; instructions for API access can be found here:

PassSourcePassSource API: PassSource is a service for creating passes and tickets for Apple's PassBook. PassSource offers templates for various "passes," such as event tickets, boarding passes, giftcards, and coupons.

The PassSource API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PassSource with PassBook and other applications. Some example API methods include creating passes, uploading passes, scanning passes, and retrieving information about passes.

ProjectBubbleProjectBubble API: ProjectBubble is a web-based project management tool designed to save businesses time and streamline the management process. The service allows users to set budgets for projects, break projects up into smaller tasks, assign tasks to employees, invite them to join project groups, and also track project time as tasks are being completed using a web interface. The ProjectBubble API, using REST calls and returning data in several formats, allows users to upload and download segments of data from projects. The documentation is also available to develop applications around the ProjectBubble platform.

SnapLogicSnapLogic API: SnapLogic is a cloud integration platform that enables users to connect and manage their data across different platforms and systems.

The SnapLogic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SnapLogic with other applications. Some example API methods include managing accounts, creating and editing groups and clusters, and retrieving metadata.

Tello PassToolsTello PassTools API: Tello PassTools is a service for creating passes and tickets for Apple's PassBook. Tello offers designs for event tickets, boarding passes, coupons, and giftcards.

The Tello PassTools API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of PassTools with PassBook and other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

TypePad AntiSpamTypePad AntiSpam API: TypePad AntiSpam offers anti-spam plugins for blogs and content management services, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. TypePad AntiSpam is compatible with Akismet's API. TypePad AntiSpam's API allows developers to develop and build their own anti-spam services.