Today in APIs: Inkfilepicker Launches API, and 6 New APIs

Inkfilepicker allows uploads from anywhere, now available via API.  Amazon launches the Mobile Associates API. Plus: 6 new APIs.

Inkfilepicker Launches API

Inkfilepicker makes access to files across the Internet even easier than before. The Inkfilepicker REST API returns JSON but also comes in a JavaScript flavor.

As Derrick Harris explained in Gigaom back when the company launched in 2012,

The way it works is actually pretty simple: App developers integrate with Filepicker by inserting a few lines into their Source Code, and Filepicker gives them API access to a broad range of cloud services where consumer content is stored. Users can then upload and download content—photos, documents, whatever—straight to and from the app. Essentially, it cuts out the middleman.

Inkfilepicker is remarkable because it is compatible with an impressive range of services, an ever-growing list that includes:

  • your computer
  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • SkyDrive
  • Picasa
  • Instagram
  • Flickr

The API connects you to all this with just two lines of code. Users can then connect with their files and process images. Inkfilepicker's documentation for the Javascript API shows how to pick and store files, pick multiple files at once, perform image conversions, and more.

Amazon's Associates program comes to apps via an API

Amazon Product AdvertisingWe've seen the Associates program before, ever since websites could link to Amazon and get a cut of a book sale. But we shouldn't let the fact that the program is more than a decade old hide the big news here: Now app developers can also get a cut. It's a complement to the Amazon Mobile Associates API.

As the EFY Times explains, this breaks new ground for app developers:

"When using the new API, developers earn up to 6% on qualifying in-app customer purchases while providing customers an opportunity to easily buy and receive goods through Amazon’s secure 1-Click purchase experience and Amazon Prime shipping, where available. Until today, if developers wanted to create additional revenue channels for their apps they could use a “freemium” model with digital in-app purchasing or subscriptions, or by using mobile ads. With the Mobile Associates API, developers now have a new way to monetize their apps and games by offering contextually relevant goods across Amazon’s world-class physical fulfillment network."

The documentation offers an SDK to download, the usual technical information for integrating the API, and stories from two clients already using it, Days of Wonder and Alt12 Apps. The latter company noted it integrated the Mobile Associates API in just two days and offers a seamless shopping experience within the app.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

6 new APIs

Today we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including an astronomical photograph hosting and sharing site, an application Stack management service, an email address validation service, a gaming community website hosting service and a cross-app cross-device fitness tracking service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AstroBinAstroBin API: AstroBin is an image hosting website created specifically for astrographers, specialized photographers who take photos (astrographs) of the night sky. When users upload their astrographs they can include technical information, such as the telescopes, cameras, filters, or other equipment used to acquire the astrographs. Images can also be plate solved, annotated, and watermarked before appearing on the site. AstroBin creates histograms and black-and-white images from astrographs to help spot faint regions of nebulosity or spiral arms.

Site visitors can search for images based on target region, lunar phase, type of camera, type of filter, and many other variables. AstroBin users can follow other users, get notified when selected users post new images, or follow new astrographs taken with specific kinds of gear or of certain astronomical subjects. The AstroBin API is read-only and allows users to get information about astrographs and perform basic searches.

Cloud 66Cloud 66 API: Cloud 66 provides application stack management as a service, allowing users to easily provision, deploy, and manage their applications in the cloud. Cloud 66 provides regular database backups, memory usage monitoring, and load balancing services. The service also offers security in the form of firewall management and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection.

Is EmailIs Email API: Is Email is an email address validation service that can determine whether a given email address adheres to RFC guidelines. Is Email likes to remind its users that not all ISPs adhere to RFC guidelines when they issue email addresses, so some email addresses declared invalid by this service may still work. Developers can access Is Email's validation service programmatically via REST API.

ShivtrShivtr API: Shivtr is a service for creating online gaming communities with up to six games on each community website. Shivtr supports hundreds of games across many platforms and genres. Its websites are mobile friendly and come with attractive, customizable themes. Users can alter their theme's banner, wallpaper, fonts, colors, or even CSS code. The Shivtr API allows developers to interact with their community site and its data programmatically to create widgets or connect apps to Shivtr.

SportTracksSportTracks API: SportTracks is a fitness tracking service that aims to work with as many devices, applications, sensors, and web services as possible. It can pull users' fitness data from their fitness tracking devices and applications, bringing it all together in one location. SportTracks focuses on delivering clear and useful data for fitness training rather than on social networking. SportTracks is designed to meet the needs of runners, swimmers, and cyclists; support for other athletes is being added continuously.

UNDP Human Development DataUNDP Human Development Data API: The United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP's) Human Development Reports focus on metrics such as information access, good nutrition and health services, job security, safety from crime and violence, quality leisure time, and political freedom. All of the data for the Human Development Report is contained in 14 statistical tables, which are accessible programmatically via REST calls.

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