Today in APIs: Innovent Launches FindTuner for Merchants

Innovent launches FindTuner with an API for commerce experience. Researchers build app to detect malware on mobile devices by looking for suspicious API calls. Plus: developing business-savvy APIs, and Exegy enhances its JAVA API.

Innovent Offers FindTuner Merchant Solutions Platform with API

Innovent, an integrator of merchandising solutions, raised the bar on merchandising solutions for relevant search results by releasing FindTuner with an API for easy Integration. This raises revenue and profitability for merchants.

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As Keith Mericle, Innovent Solutions’ CEO commented, Apache Solr adoption is accelerating:

Merchants may be using Solr along with platforms such as hybris, Magento, and WebSphere Commerce or adopting Solr and integrating it with in-house platforms. Solr's reliability, scalability and flexibility enable solid search experiences for customers. For many merchants, having the ability to merchandise search results or guided navigation is very important but the ability to do so with Solr has been lacking; FindTuner provides the ability.

FindTuner offers a structured business logic with rules to trigger banner displays, product promotions and guided navigation customization. Rules are organized with a tagging system that allows oversight of thousands of rules with ease. Designed for merchants with one or many storefronts, the installation can be on site or in the cloud.

German Researchers Create Mobile Malware Sniffer

Researchers Daniel Arp, Konrad Rieck, Malte Hubner and Hugo Gascon of the University of Gottingen – together with Michael Spreitzenbarth of Siemens computer emergency response team, have created a malware detection tool that works in part by identifying suspicious API calls. Named Drebin, the app detects 94% of malware with a 1% rate of false positives.

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According to Darren Pauli, writing in The Register, speed is critical:

It took the app 10 seconds to analyse five modern Android phones making it suitable for screening downloaded apps on the device. Older phones took about 20 seconds to scan while on a 2.26Ghz core duo desktop with 4Gb of RAM the tool could scan a whopping 100,000 apps a day.

Unfortunately, it may fail to detect dynamically loaded and obfuscated malware. But the feat remains valuable, combining static analysis with a focus on detecting the Machine Learning built into malware.

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