Today in APIs: InstaPush Adopted by Zapier, and 4 New APIs

PushBots, maker of Instapush, has partnered to provide push notifications for API connector company Zapier. Quip releases an API for its mobile word processor. Plus: APIs needed to leap the chasm, hack puts Google Play music on Airplay devices, and 4 new APIs.

PushBot's InstaPush API Partners with Zapier to Provide Push Notifications

Egyptian company InstaPush, provider of push notifications tools, has partnered with Zapier, a company that connects APIs to web apps. This may well be a first for a Middle Eastern company, claims one of the co-founders of PushBots, Amr Sobhy. It may be a first but it isn't a surprise, judging from the enthusiasm of companies using InstaPush. Push notifications can be set up for a wide variety of items, from new files in Dropbox to new tasks in Basecamp and even payments in Paypal.

As Ahmad Gabr reports in Wambda, the API stood up to Zapier's stress tests:

Getting an API featured on Zapier is not an easy task, though. Sobhy tells us it was a tiring job to accomplish, as Zapier does extensive testing to make sure that an API is functional, and that the Integration is working well, before adding it to their list of supported services.

The hard work translates into new connections and exchanges between services that didn't happen previously. Documentation on InstaPush's API is available at its developer site.

Quip Releases API for Wordprocessor Aimed at Enterprise IT

Quip's wordprocessor is aimed at Enterprise IT, which means collaboration is one of its core strengths. Now it has released an API to give full access for third party systems.

According to Juan Carlos Perez in PCWorld, Quip's CTO Bret Taylor is ready to take on Office that Microsoft recently ported to iOS devices:

The Quip word processor application was built from the ground up for multi-user, concurrent online and offline collaboration, so in addition to joint content creation and editing capabilities, it has a strong messaging and push notification feature set, according to Taylor.

At just 9 months old, the word processor has been used to create over 1 million documents by hundreds of thousands of people working in thousands of companies.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a voice messaging service, multi-device app directory, survey results retrieval service, intraday period bars for currency pairs, . Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Call2APICall2API API: Call2API allows users to integrate voice messaging capabilities into their contact platforms. An online editor helps users quickly build call flows and voice messages using pre-defined components. Users can send a voice broadcast in the form of a template, personalized for its recipients. Voice broadcast reports are available through the website or via API calls.

Mevvy AppMevvy App API: Mevvy provides a single location from which users can search for any mobile application or tool available on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Their directory only includes tools that actually work, and they provide tips and tricks to help users get the best results from them. The Mevvy App API allows users to collect, track, and update information for every application available through Mevvy.

Qualaroo ReportingQualaroo Reporting API: Qualaroo is a service that helps users collect information about their websites' visitors. Users can create surveys for their websites and then retrieve the results programmatically using the Qualaroo Reporting API. In addition to responses, the API will also return the respondent's IP address, the page where they filled out the survey, their user agent, and other metadata, along with any information the user has previously tagged the respondent with.

Xignite GetBarsXignite GetBars API: The Xignite GetBars API allows users to retrieve intraday period bars for a given currency pair. Intraday period bars provide a visual representation of financial data that has been sampled at regularl intervals throughout a given day. For each day, the API returns the highest, lowest, opening, closing, and average currency exchange rate quotes. Currency pair data is available for the past 30 days.