Today in APIs: Intel Upcoming Presentation on API Management, and Teamviewer Launches API

Intel to present "The Coming of Age of Internal API Management" at QCon, November 12. Teamviewer 9 beta contains a public API. Plus: Sensible API testing and 3Scale launches API commons.

Intel: The Age of Internal API Management, November 12

Intel, now owner of Mashery, is presenting "The Age of Internal API Management" at the QCon conference this November in San Francisco. It will focus on low cost "app-enablement" and the sharing of internal API resources.

Intel's Blake Dournaee's talk is aimed as part of a series on demystifying the API lifecycle:

"In this session, he will explore the evolution of the service layer in the context of the new prevailing developments in API management and describes new architectural approaches an Enterprise can take as they look to merge these two worlds, taking the best practices from both domains. He cover some of the benefits of looking at existing SOA deployments through an API lens."

Dournaee, who is currently the Product Manager responsible for Intel's Expressway line of API Gateway and Data Protection software products, is also presenting on "The Magic Behind Enterprise Apps" the day before, November 11. Intel is a sponsor of the QCon event.

Teamviewer 9 Beta Includes Public API

Teamviewer, a company that has bundled remote support with online meeting capabilities, has just released version 9 beta sporting an API. This version comes with Wake-on-LAN that enables users to turn computers on remotely from virtually any type of online device.

Jamie Hinks at ITProPortal shows, the Service Queue feature helps IT support teams manage and share support requests in order to spur productivity:

"The public API has been specifically designed with developers in mind and is being offered to help companies integrate TeamViewer within an existing infrastructure. It’s free for any company with a TeamViewer 9 license and consists of a Reporting API and User Management API."

The point of the API is to allow IT managers and developers to integrate Teamviewer so that they can create sessions from their software. This API, in addition to two-factor verification, a new notification system, and other features, makes version 9 a major upgrade.

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