Today in APIs: Intervals Project Management API, and 2 New APIs

Featured: the Intervals project management Platform's API. Adbeat, a firm that uncovers information on ad campaigns, releases an API. Plus 2 new APIs.

Featured: The Intervals Project Management Offers an API for Reports, Tasks and More

There are many project management platforms out there and they come with a bewildering list of features. But one key feature serves as a dividing line: does it have an API? Intervals has been a member of the pack for some years now. The Intervals API is one of nearly 150 APIs related to project management in our API directory.

The best project planner platforms are clear about their target user. For Intervals it's small teams. The Intervals pitch is simple: work hard and you may please a client, but you could do so at the expense of losing money. A better way is to work hard and plan and track carefully (using Intervals, of course), to both please the client and still come in under budget.

Intervals' REST API returns XML. Given the complexity of a feature-rich project management platform, it comes as no surprise that the API documentation is extensive, covering everything from calendars to invoicing, from task status and task priority, to the standard topics of Authentication and errors. The Intervals API even has its own discussion forum.

The company's entire body language is oriented to helping developers and users figure out if Intervals is a good fit and make the most out of their tools. They have many instructional videos that are updated periodically, something that most users would hope for if not expect. What's unusual is their case studies. Prospective users can review them to see if their company is remotely similar to the firms featured in the studies. And developers can ask, are these the types of end users I am developing for?

Adbeat Releases an API to Help Spy on Competing Advertisers

AdbeatCompetition in the advertising world is heating up, a reality brought home when Yahoo wooed veteran Ned Brody away from AOL, much to the latter's consternation. Adbeat helps users understand the competitor's strategy, by giving a view at a glance, offering to spy on ad tests by other advertisers, and find all ads used by an advertiser. The REST Adbeat API returns responses in JSON and serves up the data on over 50,000 publishers.

The Adbeat API documentation is short and sweet, covering advertiser, publisher and helper methods, Error Handling and so forth. The views that can be obtained of the data are varied. It's easy to see the top ads placed by a competitor and the top places the ads are run. But you can also see what type of device they are most often running on, iPads, phones and so on. Crucially, you can see which of a competitor's ads are most successful, which can enable the viewer to cut back on their own testing.

2 New APIs

Today we had 2 new APIs added to our API directory including a german online advertising service and an sms messaging service. Below are more details on both of these new APIs.

EASY MARKETINGEASY MARKETING API: EASY MARKETING is an automated online advertising service that has been optimized for Google, Google Shopping, Facebook, and eBay. It is designed to clearly and accurately show how many new customers it brings in, the cost per new customer acquired, and the number of new customers acquired over time. The EASY MARKETING API allows users to retrieve information on a shop's products or product categories, track sales and leads, create a Facebook 'like' button, or push a product to EASY MARKETING for a special promotion. Developers can also embed ad campaign performance data, analysis pages, and quick charts on webpages using iFrames.

The website is entirely in German, but the API Documentation is in English.

MessageBirdMessageBird API: MessageBird is an SMS marketing, notification, and communication service. Users can send and receive personalized text messages using the online gateway, email, or the MessageBird REST API. Customers using the API method can choose to receive delivery reports showing the statuses of sent texts. Additional API services allow users to run network queries and view their account balances in real time.