Today In APIs : Intuit Opens up API, Recognizing Developers, Killer Mashup Ideas and 20 New APIs

Tap into Intuit's Financial Data Service. Xero API to recognize Top developer. Plus: A FastCompany article provides great Mashup ideas, Dutch Parliament Opens Treasure Trove of Data, GENFuzion Developer Challenge, and 20 new APIs.

Intuit Wants You to Create The Next Filler Finance App

Intuit Data ServiceIntuit is opening up its Financial Data Service that is the driver behind their successful applications like, QuickBooks online, Quicken and others. You can get access to transactional information from more than 19,000+ financial institutions, thereby giving you the ability to create financial applications that could range from analyzing consumer behaviour, credit check, revenue forecasting and many others. The API will be available on a limited basis in October via the Partner Platform, with wider availability in December. Be ready to see a huge surge in financial applications that tap into this data.

Xero API Developer of the Year

Xero In what could set a trend for all API companies to follow, Xero API has announced that it will recognize individual developers who have contributed in various ways to help fuel their API. It will take into consideration various factors that applications created on their API, issue reporting, forum participation and much more. You can also self-nominate your project or any other project that uses their API in a novel way. The winner will be awarded the Xero API Developer of the Year award. We believe that incentives like this in addition to API contests will help boost the developer ecosystem around your API.

Killer Mashups That Do Not Exist

We have more than 6700+ Mashups in our directory. Just when you think that developers have run out of ideas in creating the next great mashup, comes this FastCompany article that identifies some mashups that have never seen the light but which could be winners. The article lists down several great Mashup ideas that combine some of the popular APIs in our directory. For e.g . a and API mashup that utilizes spending patterns to identify potential matches. How about a Pinterest and Google Images Search Mashup ? Check out the articles and get going on the next killer Mashup.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

20 New APIs

Today we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a vegan alcohol guide, a coworking management software, a social website features and services, a voice and text broadcasting solutions, a linguistic concept definition registry, a social media analytics and an emotion recognition service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BarnivoreBarnivore API: Barnivore is a guide to vegan beer, wine, and liquor. The Barnivore Vegan Alcohol Directory lists the vegan status of thousands of alcohol products. Barnivore makes their data freely available through their API, allowing users great latitude in using the Barnivore data for a variety of purposes.

CobotCobot API: Cobot is coworking management software . Cobot provides coworking spaces worldwide with the necessary functionality to manage their members, including automatic payment processing, attendance tracking and control, member managed booking, and analytics. The Cobot API allows developers to integrate Cobot functions with 3rd party software and sites.

ConversantConversant API: Conversant is internet software designed to help groups of all sizes work together by enabling them to share ideas, questions, files, and information online. It provides tools for managing news pages, weblogs, feature-rich event calendars, and online discussion forums. It also provides website publishing, email and mailing-list Integration, and many other services.

Conversant's features can be accessed and manipulated programmatically using XML- RPC calls.

GigabarkGigabark API: Gigabark provides web-based voice and text broadcasting solutions with a focus on telephone and text broadcasts, surveys, and polls. The Gigabark API allows customers to link applications directly to Gigabark through a RESTful interface to automatically start broadcasts, surveys, and more.

ISOcatISOcat API: ISOcat is a data category registry (DCR) for defining widely accepted linguistic concepts. ISOcat is also known as the TC 37 DCR and is maintained by the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. TC 37 is a technical committee within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that prepares standards and other documents concerning methodology and principles for terminology and language resources.

The contents of the ISOcat registry are accessible programmatically using REST calls issued in XML format.

JetloreJetlore API: Jetlore is a data analytics tool provider. It allows app developers to track the information trail left by their users. Developers can integrate Jetlore into their apps and follow its dashboard for daily reports users’ social media activity. Jetlore will return information about users’ interests and the subjects of their discussions. The API exposes the information retrieval functionality from the dashboard and allows developers to integrate the reports into backend software. The API is RESTful and returns JSON-encoded data.

nVisonViso API: nViso provides emotion recognition software to capture and analyze the emotional response and visual attention of consumers. The 3D Facial Imaging API provides a real-time solution to measuring emotion over the internet. The API provides a real-time emotion profile (7 emotional states) from a live webcam stream where results can be delivered directly to the web browser. Coming features include the ability to subscribe to the results in real-time from multiple end-points. In addition to the emotion profile, the software provides detailed facial information up to 44 points. Full Documentation is not yet publicly available.

OCLC WMSOCLC WMS API: The OCLC is a nonprofit computer Library service and research organization which offers WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a suite of services that allow users to manage a library's entire collection management life cycle in a cloud-based application.

The WMS API suite includes functionality to work with acquisitions, circulation, collection management, library material checkouts, and lookup vendor information. The APIs uses RESTful calls with responses available in XML, JSON or Atom.

OIPA: Openaid IATI OIPA: Openaid IATI API: OIPA is a Framework that provides an API for accessing and integrating International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)compliant datasets with international aid data.

The OIPA API allows developers to access and integrate the data from international aid organizations and IATI datasets. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving organization names and information, budget information, and activity information.

OKPAYOKPAY API: OKPAY is a payment service designed for use by online businesses, including merchants, financial institutions, online games, software providers, payout projects, and freelancers. It can be used to make all kinds of payments as well as to send or receive money. International bank transfers and online currency exchanges are supported, along with ten different e-currencies.

OKPAY provides SOAP APIs that enable developers to build custom applications, tools, and services that integrate OKPAY's functions. Typical applications may include searching for transactions, paying en masse, and making refunds.

Open StatesOpen States API: The Open State Project is an initiative of the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit organization working towards greater government openness and transparency. The Open States API provides a RESTful interface for accessing state legislative information including general state metadata and data on bills, legislators, committees and events.

PayGround Express CheckoutPayGround Express Checkout API: PayGround's Express Checkout is a remote payment service that operates through PayGround's Mobile Payment system. It is designed to allow consumers to complete transactions quickly, using only their mobile number. Customers input their mobile phone number at the merchant´s checkout where the Express Checkout service is offered. PayGround then matches the mobile phone number with the customer's social security number, address, credit check, etc. using a series of look-ups. The customer chooses whether they would like to receive an invoice or to charge a debit or credit card. Thus, the payment does not end up on the usual mobile operator bill.

The Express Checkout system is integrated into the developer's online checkout process using SOAP or REST APIs. Although parts of the PayGround website are offered in English, much of the API documentation is provided exclusively in Swedish.

PipedrivePipedrive API: Pipedrive offers sales management software focusing on increased sales and managing a sales pipeline. The software uses a drag and drop interface allowing users to view the metrics making up their sales pipeline. The Pipedrive API provides a RESTful interface for customers to integrate Pipedrive functions into their own systems.

Scanbuy ScanLifeScanbuy ScanLife API: Scanbuy is a global provider of mobile barcode solutions that make use of camera phones. The ScanLife solution consists of a multi-barcode reader application with millions of users who access product information, coupons, and more. Scanbuy offers services allowing customers to create integrated 2D barcode solutions. The ScanLife API allows outside websites to generate codes automatically from the ScanLife Code Management Platform. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information about the API. API: is a database that searches numerous government and federal databases and other science databases. Users can search by various topics, as well as free text.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the data from The API method returns data from

ShapewaysShapeways API: Shapeways is a 3D printing service that allows users to order custom-designed 3D objects online. Materials available for printing include steel, silver, ceramic, glass, and various plastics.

Shapeways provides a SOAP-based API that enables developers to download information on the available materials, including their properties. The API also lets users upload 3D models for printing.

StreetEagleGPSStreetEagleGPS API: InsightUSA is a business tracking service built around the integration of GPS into business services. The company's services include street dispatch, route optimization, public fleet display, mobile tracking, and others. The StreetEagle API allows users to integrate the services into third-party applications. The service includes a full developer guide, sample .NET web apps for testing, and developer support.

Track & Field Results Reporting SystemTrack & Field Results Reporting System API: Track & Field Field Results Reporting System (TFRRS) is the official home of college track & field performance lists, meet results, season bests, and athlete tracking. The API allows a meet manager to connect to TFRRS, login and submit performances. It also allows the user to download entries. With the API, developers can integrate TFRRS into their meet management software. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

WiFiSlamWiFiSlam API: WiFiSlam is an indoor positioning solution. It provides real-time indoor location information based on WiFi signals. Their product offers developers to create improved location-enhanced applications for their users. Developers can upload the floor plans they are working to accommodate and calibrate the WiFiSlam’s sensitivity to their needs. The API exposes the location information retrieval functionality, allowing developers to build their own apps for analytical and real-time reporting.

WorldwideDNSWorldwideDNS API: WorldwideDNS provides comprehensive DNS services for thousands of businesses, developers, and consumers; including a reseller program. The WorldwideDNS API offers a variety of HTTP calls, allowing customers to control accounts from within their own integrated systems.