Today in APIs: Intuit's Quickbooks API, and 12 New APIs

Intuit's Quickbooks online API gets an update. Searchlight, the first search marketing API, is launched by Conductor. Plus: API management invasion, interest is growing in the OpenMP 4.0 Standard API, and 12 new APIs.

Intuit Updates Quickbooks Online API, Now Free

Intuit's Quickbooks Online API provides third party developers with access to customers using the popular program by online subscription, some 500,000 worldwide.

According to the press release, Sam Pillar, chief executive officer of Jobber, a cloud software company for field service businesses, was impressed with the streamlining in the updated API:

"With the new API, not only is Integration with QuickBooks [Online] simple, but the design, architecture and performance is also the best we’ve seen from Intuit. The fast and seamless onboarding experience, along with exposure to new customers through, has been very valuable for us."

The company also unveiled, a curated app store for apps that integrate with Quickbooks Online. Featured apps include Time Tracker and Concur Expense for managing time and expenses.

Conductor's Search Marketing API: Hyperfast Integration

Exactly what is a search marketing API? Search technology company Conductor claims it has the first one, and the focus is to reduce time to market for marketing teams who aim to harness the power of improved search intelligence.

As Conductor announced, the goal is to optimize the buying cycle through profiling search patterns and page performance:

"The Conductor Searchlight API makes it easy for customers to create custom search intelligence environments, build unique search applications and scale reporting requirements without needing to increase resources. The Searchlight API has been designed to cater for marketers with varying levels of development knowledge and resources."

Developers now can access a newly launched Portal and, the company claims, jump from concept to prototype in a day's time, no code changes required. In addition, Conductor is building apps for third party developers to make the process even faster.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a podcast Feed torrent creation and seeding service, a legal opinion archive, a starcraft 2 player and match information service, a men's collegiate lacrosse association information service and a brainstorming display service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BitloveBitlove API: Bitlove is a service for creating and seeding torrents for all enclosures of an RSS or Atom feed, especially podcast feeds. The Bitlove API allows developers to use the URL of the original podcast files to obtain torrent and source information. It also allows developers to find the URLs of public feeds that have their enclosures mapped to torrents.

CourtListenerCourtListener API: CourtListener is a legal database which has collected nearly 2.5M (and growing) legal opinions with rich meta data and citation network. The Opinions in the site's archives date back to the 1700s, making this a deep, rich source of data for many research projects. The CourtListener API allows users to access the legal data using REST calls. Users can make queries to get opinions, citations, citations by user, cites, jurisdiction, search, and coverage. An account is required with service.

GGTrackerGGTracker API: GGTracker is a tool that allows players of StarCraft 2, a real-time strategy game, to track their stats in the game. It allows players to see their army units, locations, and strength at any point in a game. Users can also measure their win rate, APM (actions per minute), Spending Skill, army composition, and other metrics.

The GGTracker API allows players to retrieve information on StarCraft 2 players and matches as well as a player's APM and Spending Skill. This API is experimental and may shut down without user support.

MCLAMCLA API: The MCLA (Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association) is the United States' organization for non-varsity college lacrosse programs. The MCLA website offers two APIs: the Expert API and the Widget API. The Expert API allows developers who have obtained the MCLA Board's approval to access rosters, schedules, final game scores, and player statistics. The Widget API allows developers to quickly post information on upcoming games, standings, team schedules, and teams rosters to their website using JavaScript.

Mind42Mind42 API: Mind42 is a collaborative browser-based online mind mapping tool. The ideas submitted get arranged into a tree or star format to help display connections. The maps can be used for to-do lists, knowledge collects, and many other diagrams. The Mind42 API allows users to integrate the functions of Mind42 with third-party apps and services. The API uses OAuth 2.0 for Authentication. Contact Mind42 for full API access and details.

OpenFaceOpenFace API: OpenFace API is a Web Service providing facial detection technologies. The API accepts an image and returns a JSON file containing coordinates of facial feature points. Currently able to detect up to 80 points on a given face, the API expects to provide emotion detection, lip reading from video, and other services in the future.

OpenSpendingOpenSpending API: OpenSpending is a project that seeks to track all public government and corporate financial transactions made around the world. To do so, it collects budgetary data, transactional data, public procurement data, and other types of data. OpenSpending currently offers hundreds of datasets from countries around the world. The project makes its data available to developers for use in reports and data visualizations via REST API.

OpenStreetMap TaginfoOpenStreetMap Taginfo API: Taginfo is a web service for OpenStreetMap (OSM) that collects and shares metadata describing the tags OSM uses to add meaning to geographic objects. The Taginfo API provides developer access to the tag database. All calls to the RESTful API use the HTTP GET request and are read-only.

RitcJSRitcJS API: Ritc makes managing multiple SaaS integrations easy. Ritc is a Rule Engine API. You can use rules to easily integrate SaaS products and automate your processes and workflows.

Monitor and Integrate Salesforce in one line of javascript. RitcJS is the easiest way to integrate your sites/apps with Salesforce.

- React immediately when you get a new Salesforce Lead
-Add a new Lead in Salesforce
-Retrieve your Salesforce Accounts

RutgersRutgers API: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, provides a collection of APIs that may be useful to students and others who live or work on campus. The Rutgers APIs can be used to retrieve information on university events, dining locations, sports game scores, campus buildings, facilities' hours of operation, and class schedules. These APIs retrieve data in a variety of formats and all use their own endpoints. (Information on using the Nextbus API in the Rutgers area is also provided, although it is not one of the University's own APIs.)

SLIjsSLIjs API: SLI.js (pronounced SLY-J-S) is a simple, drop-in javascript that creates social signin/social login in one easy step. The tool is free to use and requires no registration. All you have to do is drop in the javascript into your page and add a link that a user clicks on to open the dialog box for users to use to log in to your site. Once they sign in with their social signins (facebook, linkedin, google, yahoo, etc), the javascript will send back two objects that you can reuse for your own code. The first object is the details on the user (name, email, etc) and the second object is their list of contacts for use in addressbook applications and the likes.

This tool implements oauth across multiple services for you.

TaskkTaskk API: Taskk is a work management service that helps users prioritize tasks in multiple areas of their lives. Based on the user's prioritization, time estimates, and available work hours, Taskk will automatically build efficient work schedules. The Taskk API allows users to integrate the ability to create, retrieve, edit, delete, and otherwise manage their tasks, lists, and planner into other applications.