Today in APIs: IQ Engines Bought by Yahoo, the SumAll API in Countdown Mode, and 10 New APIs

Photo search company IQ Engines bought by Yahoo. The SumAll API will launch in two months. Plus: in the elastic cloud, stacks shape API conversations, the Internet of Things could be an API headache, and 10 new APIs.

Yahoo Snaps Up IQ Engines and Its Photo Search API for Flickr

Yahoo's redesign of Flickr will now add new abilities to search and organize photos, following the purchase of IQ Engines. The IQ Engines API is no longer available for sign up and those who are already using it will have 30 days before it shuts down.

As the company notes on its website, which no longer functions except to carry the message that Yahoo has bought it,

"our dream has been to transform the way people search and browse their photos by helping to process them intelligently. We are excited to take things to a global level with one of the most widely used photo services in the world."

Adding the ability to automatically categorize images to Flickr, combined with the redesign and 1 TB of free storage space could make Flickr a compelling habit for users, exactly in line withCEO Marissa Mayer's business strategy.

Business Intelligence Leader SumAll to Make its API Public in Two Months

Analytics company SumAll has announced that it will launch its API in a couple of months, along with various partner integrations.  SumAll is an analytics company with a twist: it's trying to get data back into the hands of the people who create it, believing that data on your Facebook and phone usage should be given back to users.

According to Cassie Slane at BestTechie, SumAll shocked the world when it announced its CEO's pay ($120,000), to open up its business intelligence as an example for other companies. She explains how it works:

"SumAll analyzes and visualizes information from 33 channels, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and compiles them into a single screen. Servicing over 60,000 companies and tracking over $5 billion in commerce data, SumAll is leading the space of business intelligence, which it has helped to create. By measuring major data channels, companies of all sizes can understand consumer behavior and make smarter business decisions. By opening up the API, more companies can utilize their metrics and tailor them to their own company."

It's clearly working: by making analytics tools available to smaller as well as larger companies, SumAll has been able to grow at the rate of over 25% per month.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a tablet email application, a box contents information management service, a Webhooks implementation service, a domain and hosting wholesaler, an online publishing service and a secure note sending and deletion service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Birdseye MailBirdseye Mail API: Birdseye Mail is an email application built specifically for tablets. Birdseye Mail includes features that are easy to use with fingers instead of a keyboard, visual overviews of the inbox, and actions conducive to working on a tablet.

The Birdseye Mail API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality with other applications. The main API method is creating custom actions for emails.

BoxmeupBoxmeup API: Boxmeup is designed to help users to track and organize physical objects stored in boxes. It can be used for keeping track of items while moving, sorting items going into storage, or tracking boxes while they're being shipped. Users can access Boxmeup via mobile devices, which can also be used to scan box labels and get their corresponding information from the service.

InflectusInflectus API: Inflectus is a simple Web Service that allows developers to easily add webhooks to applications. The Inflectus API allows developers to integrate the service into their product. The API communicates over HTTPS and returns JSON formatted responses. Free developer accounts are available. API: is a Bahamas-based internet domain registration service provider. also supports a reseller program, which they expose through a mostly RESTful API. The API allows programmatic management of all aspects of domain reselling. The API accepts HTTPS GET and POST calls, requires a user account, and returns plain text, JSON, or XML formatted responses.

LeanpubLeanpub API: Leanpub is a free online publishing service for authors. Users can publish both in-progress and completed books, allowing them to get readers' feedback on the earlier versions. Authors can write using their preferred tools and then publish their manuscripts to PDF, iPad, and Kindle formats. Users can choose their own minimum and suggested prices, and they earn a 90% royalty minus 50¢ per sale. Users maintain all rights to their books and can choose to deal with a publisher at any time.

NoteShredNoteShred API: NoteShred allows users to send sensitive information via encrypted, password-protected notes that automatically delete themselves when read. Users simply write a note, assign it a password, and select what event should trigger the note to "shred" itself. Notes are only accessible at a unique URL and can only be read by those with the password. NoteShred will notify the sender by email once the note has been shredded. NoteShred can be accessed from mobile devices, and its functions are accessible via REST API.

PointDNSPointDNS API: Point is a DNS hosting service that hosts more than 220,000 domains for thousands of users around the world. It provides a single interface from which users can manage all of their domains, and it lets users share domain access with their teams and customers. PointDNS includes tools for setting up permanent HTTP redirects and e-mail forwarding, and it allows users to add or replicate an unlimited number of records to their domains. The PointDNS API allows users to integrate the management of their DNS into other applications and systems. API:, a project from software developer Open Merchant Account Ltd, offers a suite of apps supporting the lookup of UK and Irish vehicle registration plate numbers. The API allows developers to integrate the site’s registration lookup into websites and applications.
This SOAP API provides access to the following data: ABI code, description, registration year, manufacture date range, make/model, current value, body style, engine size, number of doors, transmission, fuel type, make/model description, immobilizer, number of seats, indicative value, and side of steering wheel.

SmartThingsSmartThings API: SmartThings is a Platform that allows users to control physical things such as locks and lights with their smartphone. SmartThings makes it possible to control multiple devices and things with one application.

The SmartThings API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SmartThings with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include setting reminders, turning things off and on, and managing devices and things.

WorkonomicWorkonomic API: Workonomic is a service designed to help freelancers track billable time spent on projects by chatting with a robot called Rab Oto. Using a variety of simple English phrases, users can tell the robot when they start working, when they stop, and any relevant notes they want included with the entry. Workonomics allows users to keep track of many different projects at once. Rab Oto can also ping users after a given amount of time, like an egg timer, or it can send reminders for scheduled events.