Today in APIs: Kendo UI, Microsoft and 16 New APIs

Kendo UI adds new features that help simplify cross Platform development. Microsoft releases a Commercial Translation Hub. AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds two additional regions. Plus: 16 new APIs.

Kendo UI Adds Tablet Support

Earlier today Telerik, a provider of developer tools and solutions, announced the most recent release of Kendo UI Complete. This update has added tablet support as well as server-side wrappers.

Microsoft’s Commercial Translator Hub

Microsoft has announced a Commercial Translation Hub that allows communities to manipulate how content is translated, creating a customized and contextually accurate translation. The Hub allows users to upload either monolingual or parallel (some content in two languages) documents and create a custom translation models. Below is an image explaining the workflow:

API News You Shouldn't Miss

16 New APIs

Today we had 16 new APIs added to our API directory including a dutch stock market information service, mobile application production platform, automotive dealer review service, avatar creation service, fare query service, app testing platform, cloud-based video platform, video hosting platform, vacation rental property information service, philly property owner search service, website monitoring service, rental advertisement tracking service, scottish business event information service, online video management platform, idea collaboration platform, photo uploading and printing application for walgreens, . Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Your Neighborhood Drug Store Has an API, Why Don't You?

ABN AMRO MarketsABN AMRO Markets API: ABN AMRO Markets is a stock market information website provided by ABN AMRO Bank N.V., a Dutch state-owned bank. The ABN AMRO Markets API provides users with programmatic access to stock quotes. It also provides access to additional stock information such as ISIN, asset class, product type, reference currency, and more. The website is provided entirely in Dutch.

DalyoDalyo API: Dalyo is a web platform for mobile application production. It provides a comprehensive toolbox that makes it easy to design, deploy, synchronize, and manage mobile applications that run on smartphones, PDAs, and web browsers. The Dalyo API allows users to edit data stored in Dalyo programmatically using SOAP calls.

DealerRaterDealerRater API: The DealerRater API is designed to provide access to a variety of content available on the DealerRater website. It also allows the Dealers registered on the site, and associated agents and parters, access to manage their reviews and the information they have posted on the site. The API is accessible using accessTokens and requires SSL. In order to gain an accessToken and use the API, the DealerRater API EULA must be agreed to.

DoppelMeDoppelMe API: DoppelMe is creative platform for generating personalized avatars. With a variety of character design options at their disposal, users can create avatars in the likeness of themselves, friends, family, and otherwise. They may then use those avatars on websites such as message boards, blogs, and more, across the Internet. DoppelMe provides an SOAP API to organize groups of users partnered with DoppelMe. It returns XML-formatted data.

HitchHiker FlightHitchHiker Flight API: The HitchHiker Flight API allows users to query fares for flights, check availability, and book online. The XML based API is designed to integrate with the HitchHiker system, but can be adapted to work with proprietary systems as well as 3rd party programs.

HockeyAppHockeyApp API: HockeyApp is an app testing service. It provides beta trial and analysis for developers perfecting their apps. Their products include customizable distribution systems, crash-reporting services, and usage analytics. These products are supported on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. HockeyApp offers an API that exposes the distribution and crash-reporting functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

Impossible SoftwareImpossible Software API: Impossible Software is a video advertising solutions provider. Their products allow advertisers and content producers to customize videos with cloud-based editing and delivery tools. With these web-based tools, clients can format and distribute their videos to target audiences efficiently. Impossible Software offers a RESTful media management API. The API exposes Impossible’s data uploading and exporting functionality, and returns JSON-formatted data.

Kensei MediaKensei Media API: Kensei Media is a video hosting service. Clients upload and arrange their videos in the Kensei video dashboard. From there they may redistribute any videos to websites or mobile devices. Kensei allows clients to distribute their videos in different sizes and formats, such as HTML5, Flash, and Quicktime. It will also return analytical data. Kensei’s API exposes the dashboard and user information functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns data formatted in JSON and XML.

Lodgix Vacation RentalLodgix Vacation Rental API: The Lodgix Vacation Rental API allows users to access the booking calendars, availability data, property images, marketing copy, and amenities and rate information for the properties listed on The API is available at no charge, but an API Key is required for access.

Philly Address LivePhilly Address Live API: The Philly Address Live API allows users to search by address and view the owner information, tax balances, and other public information from the website as well as from the Department of Revenue website. The API uses the REST protocol and, while defaulting returns in JSON, it will also return xml, PHP, and txt.

PingBrigadePingBrigade API: The PingBrigade API is designed to allow users to run the same functions from their own systems and code as they can from the PingBrigade website. The PingBrigade API enables users to test if the website or server being monitored is still online. The API uses the REST protocol and returns JSON. To use the API, users must register an account and will receive an API Key with which to make POST and GET requests.

RentShoutRentShout API: The RentShout API enables users to integrate the RentShout advertising system into 3rd party applications. Using the API, users can submit listing details in bulk to the RentShout service for dispersal across the different rental listing websites. Users are also able to query uploaded listing and leads. The service supports XML for single family listings, and MITS for multi-family properties.

Scottish Enterprise EventsScottish Enterprise Events API: Scottish Enterprise offers business advice and support for Scotland's businesses in order to stimulate economic growth and improve the business environment. They also offer grants, loans, and equity investment to businesses looking to grow, develop, and export. Scottish Enterprise hosts frequent talks and workshops on business-related topics. The Scottish Enterprise Events API can be used to retrieve, create, or update event information.

StreamioStreamio API: Streamio is a media management platform for businesses. Client can manage video content on Streamio’s web-based platform. Once videos are uploaded, clients can categorize their videos with Smart Tags and video libraries. From the platform, clients can share their videos across multiple channels, such as intranets, websites, YouTube, and more. Streamio provides a RESTful API that exposes the platform’s video uploading and data management functionality. The API returns JSON-formatted data.

TeepinTeepin API: Teepin is a collaborative workspace platform. It is designed for organizations to have open idea-sharing discussions that lead to actions. Teepin groups users and allows them to share ideas about office challenges, enterprise goals, and more with everyone. Administrators can follow up with each group’s progress in developing, implementing, and executing their ideas. Analyses for group and individual participation are also available. Teepin offers an API that exposes the idea posting and user information functionality. The API is offered in both SOAP and REST protocols. It returns JSON and XML-formatted data.

Walgreens QuickPrintsWalgreens QuickPrints API: Walgreens is a drugstore with stores across the United States. Of the many products and services they offer, they also print photos.

The Walgreens QuickPrints APIs and SDKs allow developers to access and integrate the Walgreens QuickPrints service and Walgreens data with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading photos, printing photos, and managing account information.