Today in APIs: KudosKit Appreciation API, and 11 New APIs

IronSource releases API for KudosKit to turn user appreciation into action. Netatmo API gathers the data that measures air quality--everywhere--from your home to your city, making it clear when it is safe to exercise. Plus 11 new APIs.

IronSource KudosKit API Converts User Appreciation to Action

Do you suspect users really love your app, but aren't quite sure? KudosKit from IronSource now has an API that is designed to help find out, and more to the point, helps turn that appreciation into something useful. IronSource wisely asks you to first define what appreciation is best for you. Are you looking to have the user help boost your social media presence? Help get better reviews? Contribute some cash? Give feedback? Or perhaps you want them to cross promote your apps. KudosKit is set up so that the developer gets to choose.

As the KudosKit website explains, defining your appreciation goals is step one. The second step is to figure out where to call KudosKit in your app. These are usually at logical stopping points, such as when a user has just completed a level in a game. Having decided what the goals are and where in the app KudosKit asks the user to help, the third step is the easiest: letting its realtime server start learning about your users, figuring out which ones can be moved to action, which to ignore (typically new users), and which spots in your app work best.

KudosKit provides Documentation for Android apps as well as for iOS apps. From there you can sign up and follow a simple 7 step process to get up and running.

Netatmo's API: Air Quality in Your Home and Your City at Your Finger Tips

NetatmoNetatmo offers devices that detect air quality in your home--you can monitor each room individually. And it taps into the air quality index for data on local conditions. The API lets users allow third parties access to their air quality data for use in a variety of ways.

Indoor data points cover humidity, CO2 levels, air quality, temperature, and acoustic comfort. The API documentation notes there are two APIs, one private and one public. Both are REST APIs. The private API allows a third party app to access the data from a user's monitor(s) after the user has granted permission. The public API is still under development, but it will allow apps to retrieve data from users who choose to make their data public.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a cryptocurrency information service, a currency conversion service, an automated email marketing service, an emotional analysis service and an online and mobile payment solutions. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CoinWarzCoinWarz API: CoinWarz provides users with information on the profitability of various cryptocurrencies that are available for mining or trading. Cryptocurrencies are Decentralized digital currencies that rely on principles of cryptography for their creation and transaction validations. CoinWarz brings together information from currency exchanges such as MtGox, BTCe, and mcxNow on its site. The CoinWarz API allows developers to retrieve information from the site in JSON format.

Currency ConverterCurrency Converter API: The Currency Converter API allows users to get exchange rates between over 60 currencies with just 1 line of code. The API provides data with up to ten minutes latency. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service and the API cost 11 euros/7 dollars per year for use.

DripDrip API: Drip is an email marketing service designed to capture contact information from website visitors using opt-in forms. These forms only require users to make a few style choices before they're ready to go. Users can customize their automated email contact sequence based on their own blog posts or e-books, or they can use Drip's pre-made sequence blueprints. Drip's opt-in forms can be inserted into websites using a snippet of JavaScript code.

Moodzle EmotionMoodzle Emotion API: Moodzle detects the emotion in human voice samples. The EmotionAPI allows user to upload an audio sample then a data structure containing underlying emotion, as well as speech-to-text, is returned. Free Sandbox accounts are available, as are paid production accounts. Accuracy levels above reported as 99% for the training set, over 91% for non-training data, including male and female voices, noisy environments, smartphone microphone and high quality microphone settings. An account is required with service, the API uses REST calls.

MPowerMPower API: MPower is a payment service that interacts with digital wallets and bank accounts, offering end-to-end online and mobile payment solutions. The MPower API provides programmatic access to those solutions. The API is, for example, able to initiate payment requests, handle direct payments, redirect customers to MPower for checkout, add tax information or custom data to invoices, and more.

PredictivezPredictivez API: Predictivez is a data prediction service that aims to help companies with predictive analytics in production, sales, forecasting, and other metrics. The Predictivez API uses REST calls, returns JSON, csv, or excel, and requires an account for use. The API allows users to submit data for analysis and retrieve predictions and forecasts.

Scribble MapsScribble Maps API: Scribble Maps is a map drawing and sharing Platform. Scribble Maps allows users to draw, save, and share maps.

The Scribble Maps API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Scribble Maps with other applications. Some example API methods include displaying maps, retrieving images of maps, and sharing maps.

Twinword Word Graph DictionaryTwinword Word Graph Dictionary API: Twinword creates tools to collect data describing the ways in which people associate concepts. The tools include word association tests, the word graph dictionary, e-commerce recommendations, document detection, and more. Twinword provides a series of APIs exposes some of these tools.
The Twinword Word Graph Dictionary is a product providing comprehensive information describing a given word. The Word Graph Dictionary API can deliver definitions, associations, usage examples, use in standardized tests, reference words and more.

World Holiday CalendarWorld Holiday Calendar API: The World Holiday Calendar API provides developer access to information describing holidays worldwide. The webservice allows applications to search for information using criteria such as holiday, country, date, and more.

YouTracker Icon CreatorYouTracker Icon Creator API: You-Tracker is a news aggregator and information website. The Icon Creator API is an API for creating flat icons with custom dimensions, padding, background shape, background color, and color. The API allows users access to over 2500 icons. The API uses REST calls and returns images.

ZazlerZazler API: Zazler is a backend-as-a-service for web and mobile applications. Zazler offers features such as accessing multiple databases in one interface, specifying data queries, and other backend features.

The Zazler API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Zazler with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include posting data, retrieving data, and managing account information.