Today In APIs: Lambda Labs Glass API, Pinterest API and 9 New APIs

Lambda Labs to debut Facial Recognition API for Google Glass. Will we finally see the release of the Pinterest API? Plus: National Crime Victimization Survey Data is now available in open data format for developers and 9 new APIs.

Lamba Labs To Launch Facial Recognition API for Glass

Lamba Labs is likely to announce a Facial Recognition API for Google Glass in week's time. The API will allow you to identify faces in the crowd along with storing the history of faces that it encountered. Lamba Labs has in all probability used parts of its Face API to implement this extension to Google Glass. The API is however likely to face a hurdle when it comes to privacy, specifically because Facial Recognition without an users permission was one of the questions asked in a recent Congressional inquiry against Google Glass. Lambda Labs says that they might provide users the ability to opt-out.

Is a Pinterest API On The Cards?

PinterestThe Pinterest API is one of the most viewed API Profiles on our side. While the API is not available, developer interest into getting API access to Pinterest, that is a virtual pinboard of your interests, is very high. We have seen an instance of the API Documentation appear in the past and a new TechCrunch report a similar sighting. The newly launched Developer site contains information on existing document and new pin types that it recently introduced.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a livestock show information service, a custom content marketing feeds service, a time zone converter tool, a litecoin information service, a sydney shopping center information service and a fleet tracking system. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Arizona National Livestock ShowArizona National Livestock Show API: The Arizona National Livestock Show (ANLS) website provides information about the show and its events to the general public. The ANLS seeks to preserve western heritage while promoting livestock and agricultural practices. Users can retrieve information on ANLS events, history, and sponsors programmatically via SOAP API.

Crosspollinate Content MarketingCrosspollinate Content Marketing API: Crosspollinate Builds technologies and products designed to support people in an interconnected and interdependent world. The Crosspollinate Content Marketing API provides the ability for clients to programmatically access trending content from multiple web sources on any keyword/subject. The API supports multiple keyword combinations and delivers content in RSS/ATOM format.

Directional Star TimeZone ConverterDirectional Star TimeZone Converter API: Australian IT consulting firm Directional Star provides developers with a tool to automate conversion between time zones. The Directional Star TimeZone Converter API provides a RESTful interface and returns JSON formatted responses. The API allows unlimited usage and requires no Authentication or login.

LTC-DataLTC-Data API: LTC-Data provides basic litecoin mining data to developers. The LTC API allows users to incorporate the litecoin information into applications using REST calls and returning JSON. The API can make calls to get the current network hashrate, seconds-per-block, current block, block difficulty, next block difficulty, and addresses to hash at. No account is required for use, and use is free.

Macarthur SquareMacarthur Square API: Macarthur Square is a major retail destination in south-west Sydney. Visitors can shop for clothing, housewares, sporting goods, and groceries. The shopping center also offers restaurants and entertainment facilities.

The Macarthur Square SOAP API allows developers to interact with the website programmatically. It can be used to retrieve, submit, and delete feedback; get information on stores and events; check gift card balances; and subscribe to the shopping center's newsletter.

PinpointersPinpointers API: Pinpointers provide vehicle and coach tracking services for businesses in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. They allow businesses to keep track of their remote workforce's whereabouts and status in real-time. A small electronic box is fitted inside each vehicle and sends out signals at regular intervals detailing its location and speed. The most modern devices also relay vehicle performance and driver behavior data.

This information is accessible online using a web browser or mobile device. Users can arrange to receive alerts via email or SMS when a job is running late, a battery is low, a vehicle is idling excessively, etc. All of the service's online functions are available programmatically via SOAP API.

Rapaport Diamond ManagerRapaport Diamond Manager API: The Rapaport Group provides knowledge-based information services supporting the development of free, fair, efficient, competitive, and profitable diamond and jewelry markets. Their primary websites are,, and Rapaport Auctions.
The Rapaport Diamond Manager API allows users to automate the process of uploading diamond information to RapNet, the diamond trading network. The API is available as a SOAP Web Service and as HTTP POST calls.

Rapaport Price ListRapaport Price List API: The Rapaport Group provides knowledge-based information services supporting the development of free, fair, efficient, competitive, and profitable diamond and jewelry markets. Their primary websites are,, and Rapaport Auctions.
The Rapaport Price List API provides access to Rapaport price sheets, price changes, and specific prices. The API is available as a SOAP web service and as HTTP POST calls. XML and JSON formatted responses are supported.

YIFY-TorrentsYIFY-Torrents API: YIFIY-Torrents is a movie piracy community known for re-encoding movies in high quality HD with small file sizes. The YIFY-Torrents API provides a RESTful interface for automating interaction with the YIFY-Torrents website. Exposed resources include user account management, movie lists and information requests, and comment posting. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted.