Today in APIs: Lambda Labs Provides an Open Source Replacement, Google Announces AdWords API Downtime, Facebook Spotlights Tripl, and 11 New APIs

Lambda Labs provides a much needed replacement to the Facial Recognition API. Google announced API downtime that goes beyond the immediate future. Facebook spotlights Tripl. Plus: An app expands collaboration tools in LinkedIn Groups, a Cool interactive map mashup of US Presidential Election and 11 New APIs.

Lambda Labs Creates Something You Might Recognize

LambdaLabs FaceOne of the most recent APIs to die at the hands of facebook is the Facial Recognition API. Facebook acquired the Israeli company in june and soon after discontinued it’s services. It seems likely that the API will be reopened at some point; until then Lambda Labs has an open source replacement to consider.

Sarah Perez of recently spoke with Stephen Balaban, Lambda Labs co-founder, who had this to say:

“With proprietary companies, creating these APIs for people to use – like Twilio, like, like Twitter, like Facebook, and Craigslist,” said Balaban, “when those companies shut down, get acquired or, for whatever reason, decide to discontinue their API, a lot of other startups and other smaller companies get screwed over there.”

The Lambda Labs API is a RESTful API that is completely free and designed to provide a seamless transition from’s API.

Google Announces AdWords API Downtime

Google AdWordsGoogle recently announced that the AdWords API as well as the DFP API will be down for scheduled maintenance on September 8th:

“On Saturday, September 8, AdWords and DFP systems will be unavailable from approximately 10:00am to 11:00am Pacific Time (17:00 to 18:00 GMT) due to system maintenance.”

Google also announced that a longer downtime is planned for the near future but did not provide a timeline.

Facebook Spotlights Tripl

TriplFacebook posted a “Developer Spotlight” on Tripl recently. This makes sense because not only is Tripl a great social site that “lets people explore their friends' travels visually,” it also requires facebook to get started.

The facebook blog post tells the story of how Open Graph drives 47% of Tripl’s user growth.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a web app building Platform, a ticket selling and trading service, an enterprise-grade it frameworking platform, a global transactions and financial logistics, an online community news platform and a Big Data processing for business service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Today In APIs: WhyGo Conference Facilities API, Socialcam Opens API and 22 New APIs

AppNowGo!AppNowGo! API: AppNowGo! is an app development platform. It helps businesses and developers create web apps easily. Its features include wizards to assist users in transferring data from spreadsheets to applications that can store the information and process it more easily. These wizards also allow users to customize their app’s functions and deploy it anywhere online. The AppNowGo! API exposes the entire platform’s functionalities. The API is based on a RESTful protocol and is available to all users with accounts.

CashOrTradeCashOrTrade API: CashOrTrade is a platform on which users can sell, trade, or put our requests for concert tickets. The service also includes forums to organize ride-sharing, housing in concert cities, and post lost and found items. The CashOrTrade API enables users to integrate the the post and request Feed into 3rd party websites and mobile applications as well as post ticket listings.

CFEngineCFEngine API: CFEngine is an IT infrastructure management Framework. It can automate IT functions and make them more accessible to different business departments in a single enterprise. The software keeps IT in check with four different stage-monitoring systems: build, deploy, manage, and audit. This allows all staff to understand the IT system’s lifecycle. The CFEngine API is a feature of the Enterprise product. It allows developers to create automated data feeds and other integrative functionalities.

FiftyOneFiftyOne API: FiftyOne is global commerce solutions provider. Their services include technology and service platforms for international retail. FiftyOne’s products are intended for U.S. based retailer. Their solutions include features for international customer experience, logistics, finance and risk, and customer care. Customers can view parcel tracking, receipts, and more, on their terms. The FiftyOne API exposes the parcel tracking functionality for Integration with businesses’ logistics.

GoMobileIQ HeadlightGoMobileIQ Headlight API: Headlight combines online mapping, routing, email and customer notifications into a online application. The Headlight API considers these fields and generates optimized routes for delivery. Functionality includes standard format returns allowing for adjustable billing, upload to handheld devices, and CSV returns saved for access in DropBox.

LocalWikiLocalWiki API: LocalWiki is an online platform that allows users and communities to create and share local knowledge, news, and content about their communities.

The LocalWiki API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LocalWiki with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing users, adding, deleting, and editing wiki content, and retrieving files, maps, and images.

OpTierOpTier API: OpTier is a big data solutions provider. Their services help industries such as finance, manufacturing, insurance, and more, process huge amount of transactional data. Their Application Management Platform (APM) tracks and integrates all business transactions into a workflow model. The data can then be processed and turned into insights for all shareholders in the company’s performance. The OpTier API is available for integration with complementary products and automating transactional data processing.

ScrumNinjaScrumNinja API: ScrumNinja is a programming project management service that is designed to increase efficiency, increase productivity, and create greater transparency in highly complex projects. The ScrumNinja API allows access to all of the project data by using RESTful calls. The service uses a secure SSL connection and is available on a tiered pricing scale.

TargetPay Mister CashTargetPay Mister Cash API: TargetPay is a web based payment system accessible to websites and mobile sites. The Mister Cash API enables users to integrate the TargetPay online payment system into web shops and mobile applications. The service is based in the Netherlands but available internationally. The service has no setup or monthly fees but usage over 500 payments a month will require a licensing agreement.

TotangoTotango API: Totango is a customer engagement platform. Their services allow app developers and businesses to measure and improve user engagement. This helps developers and business accelerate user retention and revenue production. The features include analytical tools for big data processing as well as segmentation and engagement tools. The Totango API exposes the service’s information updating functionality. The API is based on a RESTful protocol and is available to clients with accounts.

WhyGoWhyGo API: WhyGo is a video conferencing and teleconferencing service that allows customers to book live video conferencing facilities all over the world.

The WhyGo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WhyGo with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of prices and bookings of video conference locations, adding location data, checking availability, and booking video conference facilities. Interested developers should contact for more information.