Today in APIs: LeadLedger API and 12 New APIs

Today LeadLedger announced a new Sales Lead Generation API. Plus: Goodsmiths selects PayAnywhere API to power Swipe Mobile Payment App, AlchemyAPI improves named entity recognition and relation extraction systems, and 12 New APIs.

LeadLedger Announces Sales Lead Generation API

LeadLedger, provider of industry leading enterprise intelligence tools, has announced the release of the new LeadLedger API. This API allows companies to access sales lead information and competitor client information from within existing platforms. Some features of the API include:

  • Access to competitor client lists
  • Technologies and vendors used by company
  • Market share information for over 40 categories of web tools
  • Automated reporting

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a file sharing service, a health data service, a crypto-currency information service , an international payment gateway service, a quran text and audio service and an international earthquake data service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ChapooChapoo API: Chapoo is a cloud-based Platform for collaboration and project information management. The service allows project managers, designers, engineers and other contributors to improve productivity through better collaboration, communication and coordination.

Chapoo offers a full-featured RESTful API for live queries and reports. Example functions include getting items contained in a binder, getting the contact image of a contact, getting a list of forms from a folder, and creating new folders. Results are returned in JSON format.

Cigna HealthCigna Health API: Cigna is a health services company that provides integrated health care and related plans as an insurance provider. The Cigna Health API allows the user to access real-time health data. The service allows users to access health data to better serve customers, create applications with personalized data, share test applications, and deploy applications to production. The API uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON.

Cryptank Cryptank API: Cryptank is a crypto-currency information service that provides users with information about various currencies across multiple markets and exchanges. The site allows users to search for current exchange price across a broad array of crypto and fiat currencies as they are being used throughout multiple online currency exchanges. The Cryptank Ticker API allows users to query for the current ask price for a specified market, the current bid price, last price, and the the current spread between the bid and the ask price. The API uses REST calls.

Envoy Services MerchantEnvoy Services Merchant API: Envoy Services is a global payment gateway that provides access to over 200 local payment services. Envoy users can accept payments using services like eWallets, real-time bank transfers, vouchers, and prepaid cards. The Envoy payment gateway can be customized to suit the user's brand. Envoy Services also comes with fraud screening services to help protect merchants from fraudulent activity. The Merchants API provides Envoy users with access to their payment portals via SOAP calls.

GlobalQuranGlobalQuran API: Global Quran provides free web access to the Quran in text and audio, in many languages, and with features allowing users to browse and search verses. The Global Quran API provides developer access to the site’s representation of the Quran and supporting features. The API is capable of returning the complete Quran or specified surah, juz, or ayah. Responses are JSON formatted.

KuakesKuakes API: Kuakes is a webservice displaying data from the last 50 earthquakes around the world, as reported by USGS, Instituto Geografico Nacional, and European-Mediterranean Seismological Center. Data is displayed on a map or in a list.

Kuakes exposes its data through a simple JSON Feed. Available data includes location, time, depth, and magnitude.

Medical Bridge Network MessageMedical Bridge Network Message API: Medical Bridge Network (yi-qiao) is an interactive communication and information platform designed to help medical professionals share and discuss scientific information and new medical techniques. Medical Bridge Network provides users with the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges such as real-time meetings and case discussions online. It also offers information resources like treatment guidelines, prescription information, and instructive videos.

The Message API allows users to interact programmatically with the Medical Bridge Network website's messaging service. The website is provided solely in Chinese, while the API Documentation is given partially in English.

RingcaptchaRingcaptcha API: Ringcaptcha is a service that brings phone-based verification to any website and mobile application. Ringcaptcha can be used for Authentication, marketing, verifying ownership, and more.

The Ringcaptcha API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ringcaptcha with other applications. Some example API methods include embedding Ringcaptcha in other applications and ending the verification loop. API: is a simple URL-shortening service that allows you to make long URLs shorter and easier to share. The service also allows you to collect and review access statistics for the links you've shortened. offers a simple API. Use the API to shorten new URLs, generate a shortened URLs list, and retrieve access statistics for your URLs. Authentication is provided via API Key.

TrendstopTrendstop API: Trend Stop is an online work tool and communication platform for company information. Use their advanced web tools for financial analysis, targeted prospection and geomarketing. Data such as company address, phone, fax, e-mail, website, date of establishment, import-export countries, detailed sector analysis based on region, rating or overall health indicator, and more is provided for over 350,000 Belgian companies.

Trend Stop offers a RESTful API that allows developers to integrate Trend Stop data into existing applications. The API can return both XML and JSON. A developer key is required.

UK PoliceUK Police API: is a site providing open data about crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Users can download the data in CSV format as well as access it via the API. The API contains crime data and information including: neighborhood team members, upcoming events, crime statistics for both street and neighborhood level, outcomes for street level crimes and the locations of the nearest police stations. Responses are formatted in JSON.

Velocedge CADE LMWVelocedge CADE LMW API: The SCORM-compliant Communication And Distance Education (CADE) software system was developed by Velocedge to help facilitate distance learning. One feature of CADE is the Learning Management Web (LMW), which facilitates online learning through a web browser. The LMW provides tools for all kinds of training and communication programs including, but not limited to: live satellite delivery, interactive web training, conferencing, collaboration, workshops, and on-demand services. The CADE LMW can be accessed and interacted with programmatically using SOAP calls.