Today in APIs: LinkedIn Announces Advertising API, App Annie Launches Game Analytics API, and 8 New APIs

On its quarterly earnings call, LinkedIn CEO (Jeff Weiner) announced the company will soon offer an advertising API so companies can seamlessly buy media spots on the social Platform. App Annie’s new API allows developers to pull game sales information. Plus: Hoosuite raises $165 million, Kofax acquires Kapow, and 8 new APIs.

LinkedIn CEO Pre-Announces an Advertising API

LinkedIn already has an Ad API in production; however, the API remains in private beta with a few partners. On its quarterly earnings call, Jeff Weiner announced a full blown Advertising API is on the way. He clearly expressed the need for such a move and commented:

“Introducing a robust set of APIs for social marketing agencies to best leverage the platform is a high priority.”

LinkedIn did not commit to a release date, or give many more details. However, anxious developers interested in tightly integrating with LinkedIn should keep an eye out.

App Annie’s New API Offers API Access to Game Analytics

App Annie’s analytics capabilities allow users to better understand game metrics (e.g. downloads, revenues, rankings, ratings, reviews, and more). The newly released APIs allow developers to pull such information and easily integrate the data continuously into third party databases. Tighter API Integration allows the data to be more deeply integrated with existing tools and apps, so App Annie’s feature set can fatten up companies’ analytics capabilities.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including a real-time messaging service, an online payment service, a bug reporting service, a mobile application cloud hosting service and a database and server management service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AblyAbly API: Ably is a hosted, real-time messaging service for web-enabled devices. The subscription-based service provides a scalable, fast, and secure solution for connecting any Internet-enabled device or app to any other device or server in milliseconds.

The Ably REST API provides a way for a wide range of server and client devices to communicate with the Ably service. API functions include Authentication, publication of messages, retrieval of message history, retrieval of presence state and presence, and retrieval of statistics for application usage.

App55App55 API: App55 is a UK-based online payment service that enables merchants, websites and mobile application developers to offer their customers secure, one-click payments for products or services via any internet-enabled device.

App55 offers a restful API for access to their payment services. Use the API to send requests to the App55 platform in order to manage users, manage cards, and perform transactions. Responses are returned in JSON or JSONP. Authentication is via API Key.

BugDiggerBugDigger API: BugDigger provides users with bug reporting services for their websites. It is designed to capture all potentially useful information, including a screenshot, environment data, and website usage history. Screenshots can be marked up easily using a built-in editor.

BugDigger can be integrated with bug tracking systems via REST or JavaScript API so that information is automatically collected and sent to the tracker. As of this writing, there are plans to extend the API's functionality to include "read" operations and other features. API: is a backend management service for mobile developers that takes care of all of the relational and non-relational data storage required for an application’s data. Shared API functionality allows developers to turn their mobile app into a platform by sharing data between applications or with other developers. offers a set of RESTful APIs for developers. API functions include data, register-device, cloudfunction, applet, log, log-navigation, notifications, email, paypal, and shared-api. Supported output formats include JSON and XML.

DatalancheDatalanche API: Datalanche is a database and server management service for working with structured data. It is designed to provide persistent data storage for mobile and web apps. It also offers a public data repository containing things like directory information and medical codes. This repository can be queried via REST API or downloaded as a CVS file.

Datalanche is also capable of acting as a central repository for structured data from multiple sources. The REST API can automate the aggregation of this data and then access it from a single point. Datalanche users can share their structured data privately with 3rd parties, or share an API Endpoint that lets others read or write the data.

gazeMetrixgazeMetrix API: gazeMetrix is a service that allows brand marketers to find and curate pictures from social networking sites that contain their brand. The service uses optical character recognition to identify brands present in images, even in low light or when the logo is tilted. This allows users to discover such images without the aid of captions or hashtags. gazeMetrix also provides analytics to help discover where a brand is popular and which people and events are influencing the brand's image.

gazeMetrix's data and functionality can be integrated with other applications via REST API. Developers need an API key in order to view the Documentation.

InterMineInterMine API: InterMine lets users create databases for integrating and analyzing complex biological data from many sources and formats. InterMine comes with a user-friendly, customizable web interface as well as an API for accessing stored data. InterMine also provides a JavaScript API to make it easier to load JS and CSS libraries. This service loads libraries based on the dependencies between them and skips libraries that already exist or pass a specific check.

LaunchPad RecruitsLaunchPad Recruits API: LaunchPad Recruits is an online video interview service that allows you screen job candidates more effectively than by a resume or curriculum vitae alone. Video interviews can be an alternative to phone screening or first round interviewing.

Tha LaunchPad Recruits API allows you to integrate video interviewing into your own application. API resources include accounts, interviews, questions, candidates, invites, and callbacks. The API is RESTful and all responses and error messages are returned using JSON.