Today in APIs: Load Impact Opens Beta, Keen IO Offers Toolkit for Customized Analytics, and 6 New APIs

Load Impact has started accepting applications for beta access to its Load Impact Continuous Delivery Service. Keen IO has launched a toolkit that allows developers access to its API to consolidate disparate backend data. Plus, Oracle licenses VMware Storage APIs, and 6 new APIs.

Load Impact Starts Beta for its Continuous Delivery Service

Load Impact, load testing and Performance Testing service, plans to beta test the Load Impact Continuous Delivery Service. The service will allow website, app, and API developers to incorporate stress testing into continuous delivery processes.

Load Impact Founder and CEO, Ragnar Lonn, commented:

"Making load testing an automated step in your continuous delivery pipeline frees up time for your developers or testers, who would otherwise spend a lot of time on manual load testing."

Keen IO Toolkit offers API for Consolidating Backend Data

Keen IO was built to capture and store event data. In its ongoing mission to simplify data capture and analytics, Keen IO has launched a toolkit that is essentially an API that gathers seemingly unrelated backend data and allows developers to visualize, source, and store the data in a useful manner.

Keen IO Co-Founder and CEO, Kyle Wild, explained:

"[You] can’t rely on out-of-the-box parts for everything....One of my favorite examples is a smartwatch. Nobody is going to make an out-of-the-box smartwatch analytics product, it’s just too fragmented."

Keen IO's toolkit excels where out of the box tools fall short.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

6 New APIs

Today we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including a new york city financial data service, a driving assistant application, an application metric tracking service, a job listing service and an IT industry employable skills in demand database. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Checkbook NYCCheckbook NYC API: New York City provides programmatic access and feeds to the financial data that flows through The Office of the Comptroller. The Checkbook NYC API allows users to make REST calls to return a maximum of 1000 records. The API allows access to Budgets, Contracts, Payroll, Revenue, and Spending. The API returns data in XML format.

iOnRoadiOnRoad API: iOnRoad is an application for mobile phones to help drivers navigate their way through driving. iOnRoad provides traffic information, collision warnings, and features to make calling and talking easier while driving.

The iOnRoad API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of iOnRoad with other applications. Public API access is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

MarkedUpMarkedUp API: MarkedUp is an analytics and insights Platform for applications. Developers and publishers can use MarkedUp to review metrics and user behavior of their applications to make informed decisions.

The MarkedUp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MarkedUp with other applications. Some example API methods include viewing user behavior, accessing inapp purchase behavior, and managing user accounts.

SimplyHired JobsSimplyHired Jobs API: SimplyHired is an online recruiting solution that serves over 30 million people and thousands of employers across 24 countries. The site offers an extensive job search tool searchable by both job title, and locations, as well as allowing additional filters to refine searches. The SImplyHired Job API allows developers and web publishers to create custom job search tools, widgets, and mashups, using the database of over 5 million jobs. Select partners who utilize the API can join the affiliate program and monetize third-party sites.

Trendy SkillsTrendy Skills API: Trendy Skills is a database of language and programming skills that employers seek in the technology industry.

The Trendy Skills API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trendy Skills with other applications. Some example API methods include searching for keywords, searching by category, and retrieving results.

TwinPushTwinPush API: TwinPush is a delivery and segment analysis platform for push notifications. Twin Push helps you manage and analyze mobile campaigns through proximity notifications, audience targeting, and by letting you know how may times messages have been read.

TwinPush offers developers a REST API for the Integration of TwinPush services into any application. API resources include apps, notifications, and devices. Authentication is provided via SSL and an API token.