Today in APIs: Lob's Printing API, Bittorrent Ups Speed and Launches API, and 2 New APIs

Automate your printing and mailing with the Lob API. Bittorrent Sync hits 1 million users, ups speed and creates an API. Plus: StrikeIron attends Cutter Consortium summit, and 2 new APIs.

Lob Your Print and Mail Jobs with Lob's API

Did someone say... Post Office? Why would a start up target businesses that want to mail things? Lob is doing just that, having raised nearly $2.5 million seed money as a Y-Combinator start up. The idea is to let people programmatically set up and send mail. With the API, users can vary the amount of mail they send every week, availing themselves of what is essentially a printing and mailing operation usually reserved for the largest businesses.

Rebecca Grant writes in Venturebeat that the business plan isn't quite the head scratcher it appears to be. Dig deeper and mail is still a huge market, sending over 175 billion pieces annually:

"The Internet has triggered the demise of paper mail. Volume and revenue for the USPS is declining, but Avidar’s cofounder Harry Zhang said businesses of all sizes still rely on paper mail for billing purposes, renewals, notifications, special offers, etc.. It is a $77 billion industry in the U.S., which continues to operate on old school methods."

By bringing print operations into the cloud, Lob aims to help businesses sending out everything from posters to business cards and seven exploring non-traditional items like mugs and T-shirt printing/mailing.

Bittorrent Sync Goes Torrential with Blistering Speed and New API

Beta project Bittorrent Sync has passed the 1 million user mark and synced over 30 petabytes of data since its launch just months ago in July. Now, with version 1.2, syncing is two times faster and an API lets you do it using third party platforms.

Writing in Venturebeat, John Koetsier argues this is more than just a box in the cloud:

"This is huge growth for a solution that just launched in July, explicitly to avoid the privacy pitfalls of a NSA-surveilled public internet — and to offer free file syncing between multiple devices."

The API features the ability to sync selected files and folders, the ability to abandon the default UI, and Encryption capabilities. Best of all: no file size limits.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

2 New APIs

Today we had 2 new APIs added to our API directory including an epub and ebook search tool, and a mobile marketing service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

SamEnrico eBookSamEnrico eBook API: SamEnrico sells digital publications and subscriptions. It also provides an OPDS API that allows users to browse, search, and download eBooks, magazines, and papers for free to the e-reader of their choice. It also allows users to display publications on their websites. OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) is an open standard for creating catalogs for aggregating, distributing, and discovering e-publications by any user, from any source, in any digital format, and on any device.

SMSAPISMSAPI API: SMSAPI.PL is a Polish based mobile marketing service that aims to both inform customers of company news, as well as provide a bulk sms marketing service. The SMSAPI.PL API, which is available in both REST and SOAP formats allows the Integration of SMS notification of any commercially available software, maintenance services, premium rate, and the ability to conduct campaigns in the form of MMS multimedia messages. An account is required with service, and SSL is used for Authentication.