Today in APIs: Locaid Compliance API, Google Maps Engine API and 9 New APIs

Locaid announced the release of a compliance API. The Google Maps Engine gets an API. Plus: Stripe adds bank transfers Via API, Waratek ships open source API for Java virtualisation, and 9 new APIs.

Locaid Releases a Compliance API

Locaid, the worlds’ largest Location-as-a-Service company, has announced the release of the Locaid Compliance API. This Compliance service is designed in response to the inherent need within the online gaming community for precise location verification. The API verifies the location of a user and allows the proper regulations to be applied. Be sure to check out all of the Games and Location APIs listed in the PW directories.

Google Maps Engine Gets an API

Google MapsGoogle has announced the availability of an API for the Google Maps Engine. The API will allow developers to integrate this powerful tool in a way that was not available before today. The Maps Engine provides powerful mapping tools that enable detailed visualization of mapping based data. This service joins 502 mapping APIs that are already listed in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

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9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile data form creation service, a URL call scheduling service, a european species taxonomic information service, an ivr and sms services, a media content protection service and a two-factor Authentication service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

DatafieldDatafield API: Datafield allows its users to create and distribute surveys that are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Datafield collects the resulting information, which can then be exported in CSV format. The Datafield API allows developers to retrieve survey information and campaign results programmatically. It can also be used to create, delete, and manage information on users and teams.

EasyCronEasyCron API: EasyCron is a tool for scheduling calls to specified URLs by time or time interval. Registered users can manage jobs and set them according to their own timezone. Premium users can also receive email notifications about a job's execution and view execution logs for each job. The EasyCron API allows users to manage their jobs without having to log in to the EasyCron website. The API takes RESTful calls and responds in JSON format.

EU-nomen PESIEU-nomen PESI API: EU-nomen's PESI (Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure) provides an online database of taxonomic information on species occurring in Europe. It merges information from other major online databases and contains hundreds of thousands of scientific names along with vernacular names in 89 languages. For many species, PESI also includes images, distribution, and conservation status as well as links to other portals that provide additional information.

Developers can integrate PESI's taxonomic data into their own applications using the SOAP-based PESI API.

ExotelExotel API: Exotel provides its users with virtual phone numbers that can be used for customer service, bulk SMS, and conference calls. These numbers come with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, data collection, and analytics services. Exotel provides a RESTful API that allows developers to integrate its IVR and SMS systems into their applications or websites.

ExpressPlayExpressPlay API: ExpressPlay is a cloud-based service that allows users to add content protection to their media apps without having to add new infrastructure or incur setup costs. Using industry standards like DASH, HLS, and Marlin, ExpressPlay encrypts media contents so that they remain protected until playback. The Encryption key is stored within the app's backend system, and secure tokens are used to let end users play the protected content through the app. The ExpressPlay API allows apps to request secure tokens from ExpressPlay.

LoginTCLoginTC API: LoginTC provides a two-factor authentication system that can be used with networks, websites, and both mobile and online applications. The system uses LoginTC credentials on smartphones in combination with a traditional username and password for authentication. This means that a potential hacker would have to possess both a user's password and their smartphone in order to breach an account.

The LoginTC REST API allows users to perform common administrative tasks and to send and check authentication sessions with end-users.

StatTrackrStatTrackr API: StatTrackr is a service that is designed to compliment the Basketball Shot Tracker HD app, which allows users to record their shots on a replica basketball court and track their own statistics. StatTrackr is designed to help users share their basketball stats with the world and to easily record stats for players and teams. The StatTrackr API allows developers to integrate their recorded statistics with websites and applications. The API is Platform independent and can be used to back up statistical data in the cloud.

TextbrokerTextbroker API: Textbroker is an article writing service that creates custom written content to client specifications. The Textbroker API is a SOAP webservice allowing 3rd party applications to implement and manage the entire ordering process. The API uses SOAP protocol but does not have WSDL files. The Texbroker API is nearly universally acceptable: SOAP clients are available for PHP, PERL, Python and Java. API: is an online Resource for information on local times worldwide, time zones, holidays, dialing codes, sun/moon rise and set times, and much more. The API provides developer access to the site’s data via HTTP calls. IP geo-location is supported. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted. The API has a query builder form to assist in constructing calls.