Today in APIs: Login With Amazon, HeyWatch Preview API and 9 New APIs

Amazon has made login even easier with the release of their new login API. HeyWatch provides a Preview API that promises to engage users. Plus: How open data and APIs fuel innovation, Bitcoin is a money Platform with many APIs, and 9 New APIs.

Amazon Announces Login API for iOS and Android

With the release of the new Login With Amazon API it has become easier for users to connect to iOS and Android applications. It is a familiar concept, allow users to login with existing credentials and simplify the process. Amazon joins services like Google, Facebook and Twitter, who also provide similar login features. Check out the video explanation of this feature:

HeyWatch Preview API

HeyWatch, a leader in cloud video encoding services, has announced a new Video Preview API. The goal of the API is to boost user engagement through photo previews that tell the story of the video that they represent. HeyWatch provides amazing documentation for this RESTful API and promises simple Integration.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a bitcoin exchange service, a commerce solution for sports and event merchants, a bitcoin trading service, a tech support reference database and a litecoin information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BterBter API: Bter is a Bitcoin Exchange platform where users can buy, sell, and trade bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. The Bter API can returns the ticker for a selected currency, the market depth including ask and bid orders, and recent trade history. The service uses REST calls and utilizes SSL and two-factor Authentication for security.

BypassBypass API: Bypass is a commerce service and solution for sports and event venues. Bypass offers commerce solutions for concessionaries and merchants that work in sports and event venues.

The Bypass API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bypass with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

HaveLockInvestmentsHaveLockInvestments API: HaveLockInvestments is a Bitcoin exchange and investment service. The site offers a serious of Bitcoin related investments such as mining equipment, and assorted exchanges. The HaveLockInvestments API allows users read-only access to account data, ticker information, balances, and portfolio details. An account is required with service, and API information is available at log in.

Indiana University Knowledge BaseIndiana University Knowledge Base API: The Indiana University Knowledge Base is a database of reference information covering IT-related topics. It is designed and maintained by the UITS support center to provide answers to computer-related questions that arise among students and staff. The Knowledge Base contains more than 17,000 content files, about half of which are currently active. These can be accessed and searched directly through the website or programmatically via SOAP API.

Litecoin ScoutLitecoin Scout API: LitecoinScout provides detailed information about litecoin mining and trading. The Litecoinscout API allows users to show the public key hash encoded in an address, checks an address for validity, show the version prefix and hash encoded in an address, show the current block number, show the 160-bit hash of the given public key, show the address with the given version prefix and hash, show statistics about difficulty and network power, show the amount of currency ever mined, and show the address in a given chain with a given address's hash.

LitepayLitepay API: LitePay-App is a web payment service that handles payment for merchants utilizing litecoins. The service takes orders, issues a litecoin pay address to the customer to use, and confirms payment to the merchant. The Litepay-App API allows users to request a litecoin address and confirm a payment. The service uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses Access Tokens for authentication.

MockyMocky API: Mocky is a service that allows developers to mock their HTTP responses in order to test the functionality of a REST API. Mocky is available as a web console, downloadable software, or REST API. The API version of the service accepts calls issued in JSON and JSONP. The Mocky website is available in English, French, and Portuguese. API: is a real estate Portal offering free real estate advertising services for properties throughout India. The API provides a RESTful developer interface for programmatically managing property listings and accessing listing data. Responses are JSON formatted. API Key required.

RTBTCRTBTC API: RTBTC is a universal Front-end trading platform that aims to allow users to trade on any exchange. The service also includes real-time data streams that can be integrated with user strategies. The Trading API allows users to make trades through RTBTC that access the APIs of other trading exchanges. An account is required with service.