Today in APIs: Map updates, Facebook Platform Updates, Mapquest Official iPhone API and 14 New APIs

Google and Microsoft release updates to Maps. Mapquest releases their official iPhone API. Operation Developer Love from Facebook. Plus: The NY Times Campaign Finance API, MavaIQ Launches Currency Market Data Web/Excel Service and 14 New APIs.

Bing and Google Maps Updates

Google MapsBoth Bing Maps and Google Maps have published updates to their mapping solutions. Bing has added 215TB of new Bird's Eye imagery (yes you read that right 215TB!) while Google Map data has been updated for various parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Mapquest continues momentum with production iOS Maps API

MapQuestMapquest continues it momentum with its first official release of production APIs for developers working on iPhone and iPad  apps.

The iOS Maps API, which was released back in February in beta, now has features that includes routing, geocoding, geolocation, overlays, access to OpenStreetMap data, MapQuest Open Services and more.

Facebook Built-In/Like Follow Action notice

FacebookIn the latest platform update, Facebook has notified developers that come October 3rd, any usage of Custom Open Graph "like" and "follow" actions will not be allowed. Instead developers should move to the built-in "like" and built-in "follow" actions. Also going on October 3rd is the Bookmark URL field from App settings. The update also provides information a new tab called Localize, where developers can submit translated assets for App Center, as well as any other content that can be translated in their app.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

14 New APIs

Today we had 14 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud cost management system, virtual currency payment service, brand evaluation tool and online payment service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Avalara Avalara API: The service provides sales tax calculations as part of the process of completing orders and collecting payment. It is intended to automate compliance with tax-collection requirements and reduce risk of penalties for non-payment. The service validates customer address and verifies taxing jurisdiction, then calculates applicable tax rates with consideration of product type and taxability, rate tiers, tax holidays and exemptions, etc.

API methods support submission of an order for automated tax calculation, with item code and tax code, customer address, and other relevant details. Methods verify the submitted address and determine the local tax authority, then apply decision rules for that jurisdiction to provide an accurate amount due as sales tax for the order.

Bitcoin PayflowBitcoin Payflow API: The service processes payments denominated in bitcoins, debiting the balance of the customer making the payment and crediting the balance of the recipient. It allows e-commerce sellers and service providers to accept online bitcoin payments, with full tracking of all payments processed.

API methods support creating an order specifying the person or entity making the payment, the amount paid, and the recipient. The payment request generates a confirmation message from the service allowing verification of the data. When the requesting site responds to the confirmation request, methods process the payment and return data allowing the payment to be tracked by all parties. Methods also allow processing of refunds of previously processed payments.

CloudHarmonyCloudHarmony API: The service provides updated information about availability, network outages, and data transfer speeds for various cloud hosting platforms. Performance reporting can be specified by time period, type of service, specific service provider, and other criteria. It can provide benchmarks reflecting all monitored services for comparison and ratings of competing services.

API methods support retrieval of performance data for a cloud hosting service, including availability statistics, current outages, and data speeds. Methods also provide benchmarks for performance measures and ratings of services against benchmarks. The API also will list providers monitored by category: database, hosting, storage, messaging, DNS resolution, etc.

CloudHubCloudHub API: CloudHub is an application development and management Platform. It can be used to create applications, change application properties, deploy a new version of an application, or delete an application entirely. CloudHub also allows users to retrieve statistics and logs regarding their application. CloudHub's features can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

CloudVertical CloudVertical API: CloudVertical is a cloud computing analytics platform. The platform integrates with the set of services CloudVertical offers.

The API provides information about the cost of a cloud infrastructure.CloudVertical API pushes data from the Cloud to CloudVertical's system (cost, usage data) using standard data format to describe an infrastructure.

cventcvent API: The service provides tools for communications around events and surveys, with ability to email notifications and requests to provide input via online questionnaires. Other possible applications include customer feedback and market research, qualifying sales leads, and time-sensitive customer communications. Venue directory and RFQ functions also are available.

API methods support blast email communications with address book Integration to synchronize mailing list information with back-office systems. Methods also allow posting and data collection of online surveys, with email inviting responses and export of submitted data.

DalPayDalPay API: The service from Iceland provides PCI-compliant processing of online payments via credit cards and debit cards, with CVV validation. It allows pre-authorization of transactions and final payment processing, including funds capture. It also allows processing of refunds and updating or voiding transactions.

API methods support submission of a transaction for payment, with seller information, transaction amount, and customer name, card number, etc. Methods also handle pre-authorization, voiding a pending transaction, and processing a refund, if needed. Rebilling methods allow scheduling of recurring payments.

Heardable Heardable API: Heardable captures over 800 unique variables to measure brand intelligence, providing a valuation they call relative performance: a snapshot of how a brand is doing in the market at any one time. The Heardable API provides developer access to local, global, and category rankings.

i-Payouti-Payout API: The service provides payments for corporate and organizational payables to both local and global vendors via 135 banking relationships. Payment recipients have flexible options for transferring funds to their own bank accounts or to other destinations: a credit card, a specified account with another organization or even back to the payer to cover balances owed. The service also gives access to international merchant credit cards.

API methods support management of merchant accounts, payment accounts, and individual payment transactions. Methods manage transfers from a specific eWallet account to multiple destinations, including a bank account, a credit card account, a stored value card, a phone or wire transfer service as well as generating a check.

Income Tax India e-FilingIncome Tax India e-Filing API: The service provides for accounting services and other third parties to file income tax returns online to the Indian government in fulfillment of clients' tax payment requirements. It provides bulk access for data submission rather than filing returns one at a time via the Department of Income Tax Portal.

API methods support upload of a properly formatted XML document that passes data for a single tax return to the government's compliance monitoring system. Multiple documents can be uploaded in succession, as well, to expedite bulk filing. Methods also allow retrieval of a token string upon completed submission which allows later checks on the status of filed returns.

mailVUmailVU API: MailVU is a video platform. Individuals can create and distribute video content.

MailVU offers its API to service providers and universities. The API allows the developer incorporate video recording, storing, and streaming into its service. It also allows businesses to rebrand or add videos to applications. The API components are non-branded so the service can be integrated as portion a product.

MapIt GlobalMapIt Global API: The service defines political or administrative authority in effect for specified global locations. It Builds on functionality of OpenStreetMap and the U.K. Ordnance Survey along with other accumulated information about location specifications, including postal codes and geographic information systems.

API methods support definition of political jurisdiction boundaries for a particular point, specified by latitude and longitude or some other systems. Methods also provide jurisdiction for a specified area or multiple areas or related areas, such as subjurisdictions like a city within a county.

PushoverPushover API: Pushover is a service for sending real-time notifications to Android and iOS devices. A simple REST API allows users to send messages to Pushover from their applications. Those messages are then sent to devices running Pushover's device clients. This service has no monthly fees or message limits.

RedFin NetworkRedFin Network API: The service provides processing of payments via credit cards, debit cards, and automated clearinghouse (ACH) collection on checks. It provides pre-authorization and final payment for online applications in each payment option. Additional payment options include EBT and gift cards. The service can also handle refunds, transaction updates, and related corrections to posted payments.

API methods support submission of a pre-authorization or payment request specifying merchant, customer, card number or bank information, and transaction amount. Methods also allow updating merchant account information and summaries of transactions for a merchant. Methods support scheduling of recurring payments for subscription transactions.