Today in APIs: Microsoft Launches Guardian

Microsoft India has released a women's safety app: Guardian. Plus: SnapChat's API was hacked.

Microsoft India launches Guardian app

Microsoft India has released a women's safety app: Guardian. Guardian uses the Bing Maps API and the Azure cloud platform to provide movement tracking to pre-identified trackers. Users can turn on the "track me" feature that allows users to alert loved ones of an emergency. Additionally, a built-in "SOS" button can alert hospitals and other first responders to the emergency and elicits a response. Guardian was born out of a Microsoft Garage project.

At the Guardian portal, the team explains:

“The app helps women in distress by alerting their friends, families as a standalone app, as well as it is available as an integrated solution for Police or security agencies who can monitor distress SOS calls and provide help through a portal.”

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Police do not react to information send through Guardian's SOS messages. They dont even receive it.

Try Citizen COP, which is used by M.P Police to serve its citizens in case of emergency. I am using Citizen COP for Android and found it very handy for Reporting police about crime or any suspicious activity. Even Police reaches to each user pressing Help me Button (SOS button) on Citizen COP.

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