Today in APIs: Microsoft Rolls Out Developer Kit for Internet of Things

Microsoft has begun to roll out developer kits for Internet of Things, but it is doing it slowly. API Strategy Conference Early Bird registration ends August 8. Plus meet Breach the hackable web browser, and an Australia Hackathon offers $100k in prizes.

The Internet of Things: Think Windows?

Windows now runs on the Intel Galileo board, through a developer kit. Now they are introducing a new kit for Windows Developer IoT Portal. Included in the kit is a Galileo board and preview Windows supporting the Arduino Wiring API set.

windows developer

As Steve Teixeira writes on Miocrosoft's Windows blog,

We are putting out the developer kit in preview to gather feedback. The Windows image we’ve used should be viewed as a proof of concept (read: don’t bet your business on it). We’re sharing this toolkit to find out what folks think, see what kinds of cool things you build with it and learn how to make Windows ever-better on this class of devices. To make things even easier, Microsoft Open Technologies has open sourced much of the toolkit, which will be available on Github in the coming days (more from them here). There you’ll find full access to toolkit components (Arduino Wiring Headers, Arduino Wiring Implementations and porting functions), Documentation, sample projects and shield/ Library ports for Galileo running Windows.

The idea behind doing this slowly is to take the time to correct bugs before a larger rollout. More information is available from their developer site for IoT.

API Strategy Conference in Chicago September 24-26

The "Going Mainstream" API Strategy Conference will be held at the Chicago Hyatt Regency, September 24-26. The program has just been announced.

API strategy conference

As the press release stated,

“The API Strategy & Practice Conference is becoming known for both leading edge industry discussion, as well as a source of best practices and practical issues for organizations with APIs,” said Steven Willmott, CEO of 3SCALE. “We’ve worked hard to bring together leading companies in providing APIs across a whole spectrum of challenges, as well as resources for app developers who use these APIs day in, day out.”

Tracks at the conference include Media, Government, Enterprise, the Internet of Things, API Security, and many others. Keynote panels focus on API-Driven App development, copyright and legal issues, and adaptive intelligence for enterprise. Registration is now open.

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