Today In APIs: Microsoft Whitelisted for Google CalDAV API and Seattle Hackathon on Autism

Microsoft to be whitelisted for Google CalDAV API which will be shutdown to developers post September. A series of Hackathons focused on Autism kicks off in Seattle.Plus: Check out how to safe guard your application that depends on public APIs.

Microsoft gets Whitelisted for Google CalDAV API

Google CalendarEarlier this week, Google announced that CalDAV API will be shutdown for developers on September 16 and that it will be available post that date to only whitelisted developers. The move is already facing backlash by developers and the only reprieve for developers now is to fill out a form and make your case to get whitelisted to the CalDAV API, or switch over to the Google Calendar API. It is reported that one of the companies that has got whitelisted is Microsoft and it will continue to use the CalDAV API that is integral to its Integration of Windows Phone Platform and Google's mail and calendar protocols.

Seattle Hackathon Focuses on Autism

Microsoft Bing Fund is organizing a series of hackathons that are on Autism. The first event is going to be held in Seattle on March 22-24. The event will bring together technologists, designers, subject matter experts, and people living with Autism.

The focus of the hackathon is to create prototype applications that help the subjects gain independence in critical everyday tasks. The applications will target the age groups from 3-5, 5-12 and 12-20. For example, the applications in age group 5-12 will revolve around basic tasks related to getting ready for going and coming back from school. Visit the Event page for registration and other details.

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