Today in APIs: Microsoft's CEO Kicks Off Company Wide Hackathon

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella aims to shake things up with a company hackathon. Airpush wins Dataweek and API World's most innovative company award. Plus: Android 4.5 Lollipop to feature a new camera API, and HMAC Authentication recommended.

Microsoft Hosts Hackopolis, an Employee Hackathon

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella isn't saving a company teetering on the financial brink the way Steve Jobs came in to rescue Apple as it seemed headed for bankruptcy. But the Microsoft CEO does have to contend with looming threats--and the very public sense that the company's heyday may have passed.


His laying off of 18,000 employees was a big step in a plan that has yet to clearly emerge publicly. Now, he's harnessing Microsoft's deep engineering talent to spur innovation through a hackathon. As Todd Bishop reports in Geekwire,

At the hackathon this morning [July 29], Nadella encouraged employees to take a hard look at existing Microsoft products such as Windows, Office and Bing, to get a sense for how flexible the code could be. “I want you to push the core of our code bases,” he said. “Each of us has the five hacks that we would love to do on the products that we love to use and criticize. This is the time to stop the criticism and do something about it.”

Over 10,000 Microsoft employees took part in the event. Hacks apparently focus on, or on using Microsoft's well-known products including Windows, Office and Bing. Projects include an augmented reality app, and new options on its "Click to Note" feature of its surface Pro 3 tablet. Winners will be chosen through voting by employees.

Airpush Wins Award from Dataweek and API World 2014

Airpush, a company with a mobile advertising Platform, was the winner of an award for most innovative advertising data solution from Dataweek and API World 2014. Focusing on a data strategy that delivers ROI for its customers, its aim is to drive results. The company commented that:

Airpush’s data strategy is made up of two equally important elements. First, as one of the industry’s only opt-in mobile ad networks, Airpush is able to target mobile users using incredibly valuable first-party data sets, such as the apps currently installed on a user’s device as well as real-time GPS-derived latitude and longitude. Second, Airpush has the most advanced mobile campaign optimization tool available today, with the ability to raise, lower or pause a bid based on 12 factors, as well as two-factor drill down. Airpush also offers an impressive set of APIs that give advertisers access to campaign, conversion and reporting data in whatever tool they choose.

Airpush's network has over 140,000 apps in it, covering 33% of active Android users. Winning the award resulted from being selected out of a field of 100 nominees. The DataWeek + API World Conference and Expo will be held in San Francisco, September 16-17.

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