Today in APIs: Minneapolis 311 App, Google Developer Expert Program and 12 New APIs

Minneapolis now has a 311 App for citizens to report civic issues. Google Developer Expert program to highlight top developers. WarrantyLife provides an API for Product Warranties. Plus: How to Crowdmap using n0tice,  Apsalar Introduces First Audience Targeting/Retargeting Solution for Mobile Apps and 12 New APIs.

Minneapolis 311 App

Minneopolis now has an iPhone and Android App, that residents can use to submit requests for Pothole Repair, Traffic Signal Problems and various other city services.

The application is powered by SeeClickFix, the world’s largest citizen-reporting Platform. The application also allows residents to stay up-to-date with requests they have already submitted, including receipt and closing of the request.

Google Developer Expert Program

Google Developer Relations Team has announced the Google Developer Expert (GDE) Program that recognizes outstanding developers that have contributed to the community in the following areas: Android, Cloud, HTML5, Chrome, and Google Maps. The directory currently has 29 members and as per the rules, new members will be added only once a year. Membership benefits range from interaction with Google product teams to conference passes. To apply, you will need to send your details and contributions to

Even Warranties have an API now

Warranty Life now provides a Warranty API for developers to integrate purchasing warranties, looking up product and warranty information and much more. Customers can even track the warranties that they have purchased. Developers are paid a commision for every warranty that they sell via their application through an affiliate program.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a speech based service, a video encoding service, a lego database lookup service and a location based browsing application. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AT&T SpeechAT&T Speech API: The AT&T Speech API, powered by the AT&T WATSON speech engine, allows developers to add voice capabilities to their applications. The Speech API allows users to add speech transcription to their apps. Users send audio and text is returned. With the API users can create apps that run on any device and cellular network in the US.

The cross-carrier Speech API transcribes a spoken word audio file to text. It also takes in to consideration spoken context such as searching or looking for a TV show. The Speech API is optimized and tuned for specific contexts, including: Web Search, Business Search, Voicemail, SMS, Question and Answer, TV, and Generic.

The API uses REST protocols and XML, JSON data formats.

AviberryAviberry API: Aviberry is a cloud-based video encoding system. It accepts videos from multiple sources including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and S3. Aviberry works with almost all media formats and can tune the output video to match specific requirements for size, dimensions, bitrate, etc.

The Aviberry API allows users to integrate Aviberry's functions with online services or content management systems using HTTP GET and POST calls.

BricksetBrickset API: The service provides lookup access to a database of Lego brand toy bricks and construction sets made up of them. It provides hobbyists and enthusiasts with information about available sizes, shapes, and colors of Lego bricks along with comprehensive listings of predefined sets for constructing playsets and scenes.

API methods support submitting search queries, with options for specifying themes and subthemes applied to the products, timeframes of their availability, instructions for constructing the sets, and popular searches on the service. Methods also allow for updating records of users' own collections of Lego products.

Cynapse LocalscopeCynapse Localscope API: Cynapse, the makers of iPhone app Localscope, is a company that makes enterprise collaboration software. Localscope is a data powered GPS tool that acts as a location browser for mobile phones. Localscope lets users find people and places nearby using geo-tagged information from multiple local search engines, social networks and media sharing services. The Localscope API allows the service to be launched from other apps. The API supports both discover and search modes.i

DomainsBotDomainsBot API: DomainsBot is a leading provider of domain name suggestion services including domain name search. The API allows developers to integrate this functionality into their own website. The domains returned are checked against local zone file copies that are refreshed daily. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and CSV.

Get Exchange RatesGet Exchange Rates API: Get Exchange Rates provides free exchange rates for nearly every currency in the world. The API lets developers access exchange rate information, both current and historical and integrate it into their systems. Rates for all currencies are updated every two minutes. The simple API uses a RESTful call and responses are formatted in JSON.

HealthxHealthx API: Healthx is a developer of self-service communication and data Integration portals for the healthcare industry. Their products are in use by more than 130 payers and 39,000 groups. Healthx offers a suite of APIs for interfacing with both the system and the data within. Data exposed includes eligibility, health risk assessment Q&A, laboratory claims, medical claims and PBM claims. System functionality exposed includes branding, communications, messaging and user info. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Jack MediaJack Media API: Jack Media is an Australian daily deals network offering a deals shopping platform to users. The platform enables daily deal and other group buying sites to be more competitive, creates new revenue streams for online publishers and promotes greater control for merchants. The API lets users integrate local and targeted deals into their own websites. The ads can be customized using over a dozen parameters. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

MavaIQ CurrenciesMavaIQ Currencies API: MavaIQ Currencies is a one-stop shop for self-service, pay-as-you-go, institutional-grade FX market data, available on-demand via a REST API (XML and JSON).

MavaIQ Currencies delivers foreign exchange (FX) rate market data, enriched to include aggregate, return, risk, risk-adjusted return, momentum and technical/trading indicator metrics.

MavaIQ Currencies' FX market data Feed can be easily integrated into any client code that supports REST API consumption, such as C#, ASP.NET, Java, Perl and PHP.

MavaIQ Currencies delivers: referential data on currencies and countries; currency conversion; daily historical foreign exchange (FX) rates; returns & percentage returns; simple moving averages (SMAs); highs; lows; risk (standard deviations of rates and returns); Sharpe and Sortino Ratios.

MavaIQ Currencies currently has enriched FX market data metrics for the following date ranges: 1 Day, 5 Days, 10 Days, 20 Days, 30 Days, 40 Days, 50 Days, 90 Days, 100 Days, 200 Days, 52 Weeks, Week-to-Date (WTD), Month-to-Date (MTD), Quarter-to-Date (QTD) & Year-to-Date (YTD).

OmniComm TrialOneOmniComm TrialOne API: The service provides CDISC ODM compliant management of information about pharmaceutical clinical trials. It is part of a suite of tools for managing information about drug research, including subject recruitment and screening, data import and tracking, analysis and exports of test data, and generation of system reports.

API methods support interaction with research data management through a uniform vocabulary of descriptive terms and categories. Methods ensure compliance with protocols for pharmaceuticals research and reporting.

Rijksoverheid CSORijksoverheid CSO API: The service gives access to the Dutch government's CSO platform (Carrière Sites Overheid) for recruitment and hiring for open positions. It seeks to provide readily accessed information about any government job openings in the Netherlands, spanning some 2000 separate departments and entities. The service is intended to represent the Dutch government as a responsive employer, making its positions attractive to the best qualified job seekers.

API methods support retrieval of a list of jobs in the recruiting phase, with filtering criteria for selecting those suitable to specific applicants, and full details for a specific position announcement. Methods also provide lists of organizations and entities advertising openings via the service, also with filtering criteria to narrow the selection. Additional methods support posting of job openings by recruiting organizations, with functions to modify, suspend, or delete listings previously posted.

TigerTextTigerText API: TigerText is a secure mobile messaging platform that for hospitals or other businesses that require secure messaging between employees. For hospitals, TigerText provides a way for doctors to exchange information that is HIPAA compliant. For corporate clients, TigerText complies with SOX regulations allowing for secure communications. The API allows building of services that can handle one-way and two-way communication with users. Users can send documents, images and alerts with the API. Documentation is available upon registration.