Today in APIs: Most Retweets Ever, Newt's API? and 6 New APIs

Twitter is now reporting the real number of retweets in the Twitter API, which means we now know how crazy the retweet counts go on celebrity tweets. And did Newt Gingrich lose in Florida because he didn't have an API!? Plus: 6 new APIs.

Twitter Operating At Full Retweet Count Capacity

As the social network most known for brevity, Twitter is saying more now that it uncapped retweet counts.

Twitter visualization service TwitSprout has a list of the most retweeted:

Did Newt Gingrich Lose Florida for Want of a Better API?

That's the question asked at TechPresident:

Salon's Sasha Issenberg has a great story outlining one narrative about Newt Gingrich's loss in Florida: He inspired a group of tech-savvy volunteers, but gave them no way to plug in to the campaign.

6 New APIs

Today we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including a random video discovery service, web hosting management services, futures exchange, billing systems licensing service, original works copyright service, unofficial imdb service, . Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

FlyhourFlyhour API: FlyHour is a web site where users can be shown Youtube videos randomly to aid in music and new video discovery. Users also have the option to filter the videos shown by specific country, within a certain category (like music, comedy, sports, news, technology, etc.) and to only show videos with a set number or more views. The FlyHour REST API gives developers this functionality and allows it to be integrated into their web sites or applications. With the API, a user can request to get a video from among their favorites or request to get a random video depending on country, views and category.

HetznerHetzner API: Hetzner Online is a web hosting provider and data center operator. The Robots API gives developers programmatic access to all of the server hosting functionality offered by the service. This includes retrieval and entry of information about servers, IP addresses, resets, LANs and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON and YAML.

ICE Trading & TechnologyICE Trading & Technology API: ICE operates regulated exchanges, trading platforms and clearing houses for global markets such as agricultural, credit, currency, emissions, energy and equity index. ICE offers a suite of API for accessing the ICE futures and OTC markets. The APIs allow developers to route orders, access market data, capture real-time trade data and do post trade processing. Access to the APIs requires prior approval from the provider. Full documentation is not publicly available.

LicenseCubeLicenseCube API: LicenseCube provides licensing services and technical advice to clients. Users can select from Control Panels, Billing Systems, and many more software licenses. The LicenseCube API lets developers integrate the service with WHMCS, Ubersmith or their own web sites and applications in order to automate licensing needs. Full documentation is not currently available.

MyowsMyows API: Myows is a web site that allows freelancers and other creatives to manage their copyright and protect their original work from illegal copying. The site lets users create proof of authorship as well as provide various means of deterrence against theft. With the API users can list original works flitered by given parameters, return info on orginal works, download original works and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Stochastic IMDbStochastic IMDb API: The Stochastic IMDb API is an unofficial service that lets users access IMDb programatically. The service, updated daily, is a web-based script that parses the IMDB datafiles and exposes an API to retrieve information from them. With it users can query the database to find television shows. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.


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