Today in APIs: NASA Engages Developer Community to Create Open Data APIs

NASA partners with almost 9,000 developers to release public APIs. CORESense has launched a public API that opens the solution provider's back office to developers. Plus: why APIs are eating the world.

NASA Partners with the Developer Community to Create and Publish APIs

NASA, like many government agencies, has massive amounts of valuable data. However, finding the resources to make such data publicly available is a problematic challenge. To get around the Resource constraint, NASA launched a series of International Space Apps Challenges. The challenges attracted almost 9,000 developers to collaborate on 671 projects. The projects lead to the release of multiple public APIs.



Dr. William Brantley, an OPM Program Analyst, notes that NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System has generated enough data to fill the Library of Congress, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory receives 1.5 terabytes of data a day. Such massive amounts of data are nearly impossible to manage without an automated process to do so. The Challenges have led to multiple APIs to help address such issues. Examples of such APIs include the Predict the Sky API and a Curiosity Rover weather API. Each week, Dr. Brantley provides API updates at the DigitalGov blog.

CORESense Opens API

CORESense, cloud-based retail management and ecommerce solution, has announced the general availability of a new API. The API opens CORESense's back office to third party apps. The API was used internally to create CORESense's Connect Mobile Point of Sale. Now, CORESense expects the API to be integrated with third party shopping carts and other applications. CORESense CEO, Chris Martin, commented:

"The launch of the CORESense API is a significant milestone in the evolution of our product and greatly enhances CORESense’s ability to improve the competitiveness of our retail and e-commerce clients....Up until now, Integration has been a complex and expensive endeavor. Now with the introduction of this API, clients benefit from a robust and affordable technology that enables them to better tailor the CORESense solution to meet their unique business requirements."

APIs are now available for Orders, Customers, Products, Users, Payments and Shopping Cart. Visit CORESense online to learn more. 

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