Today in APIs: Nest Announces Developer Program and API

Nest developer program and API is new salvo in smart home war. Signaturit looks to sign up developers for its e-signing system with new API. Plus Microsoft creates feedback site for API requests, and 3Scale targets API consumers.

Nest Builds Developer Program with New API

Nest has launched its developer program with an API, aiming to foster an ecosystem of smart appliances whose focal point of communication is through Nest's thermostat.


As Nest founder Matt Rogers announced, the company goal is to get beyond simply giving you control over several devices in your house:

What we’re doing is making it possible for your Nest devices to securely interact with the things you already use every day. Things like lights, appliances, fitness bands and even cars. Because when we make connections between these different parts of your life, we can create personalized experiences that do even more to keep you comfortable and safe. And help you save energy around the house. Automatically.

Beyond the cool rhetoric about the new new thing is a war shaping up with Apple. At its recent WWDC conference, Apple announced its own forays into the smart home, featuring a screenshot of many third party thermostats it will work with. Nest was conspicuously absent.

For more information check out ProgrammableWeb's full coverage of the announcement.

Signaturit Offers Convenient e-Signature Method

Here's an easy way to handle electronic signatures. Signaturit divides the process in two: sending a document for someone to sign, and signing it/returning it. To send, there's a simple 4 step process: Create an email, attach a pdf for signing, then put ".signaturit" at the end of the recipient's email address. The recipient gets an invitation to sign the document. At the signing end is also a simple 4 step process: open the email, click the start signing button, read and sign the document, and the sender will automatically get a copy.

As the company notes in its API documentation,

Signaturit’s solution is not just about electronic signatures, but it also brings real-time reports and a dashboard where you can have an overview of the status of the different transactions. Understanding the digital process performance permits managers to address issues before and have accurate data about the cost savings.

The process creates an audit trail that is stored on your system or the customer's, giving your control over document workflows.

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