Today in APIs: Netflix Public API Changes, Google I/O 2013 and 10 New APIs

Netflix's Public API update drops access to expiration dates for titles. What you can expect from Google I/O 2013. Plus: Yookos unveils an API for African developers and techpreneurs and 10 New APIs.

Netflix removes Title Expiration Dates from Public API

NetflixNetflix announced that their public API will no longer provide information on expiration dates for titles. Daniel Jacobson, Director of Engineering - API, said in a blog post that it was required because the expiration dates were inaccurate due to constant changes in the content flow. The move is likely to affect third party applications that relied on the field, a prime example was InstantWatcher's Expiring Soon. If you are a Netflix member, you can still get access to this information but via a rather tedious mechanism of going to each title's page.

Its Google I/O Time

The next 3 Days will see Google I/O, the developer conference where developers will be hoping to get vowed with new hardware and software announcements in and around the Google ecosystem. While we cannot guess what shall be announced, several reports do point this time to an I/O that will see newer releases and focusing on developer sessions, rather than the high octane introduction to Google Glass at I/O 2012. Dan Rowinski summarizes the expected announcements quite well in his article at ReadWriteWeb. Key among them being a new version of Android, major updates to Google Maps and impressing upon developers, the need to integrate several Google Services. If you are looking for a combination of Glass and learning about the Glass Mirror API that they previewed a while back at SXSW, there is a session on that too.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile application building and management service, a weather forecast data service, a personalized restaurant recommendations and photos service, a remote home heating control service and a Library of medical books and videos. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: is a mobile application building and management Platform. Users can use to build, manage, and cloud host their mobile applications.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of to build and create applications. Some example API methods include building applications, pushing data, and managing account information.

ForecastForecast API: Forecast is a weather application that provides weather forecast information for locations. Forecast aggregates numerous weather data sets and combines them for users to search and return weather forecast information by place.

The Forecast API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Forecast with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include returning current weather conditions and retrieving forecasts for periods of time.

HoppitHoppit API: Dubbed as "Yelp meets Pandora," the Hoppit API answers the ongoing question "Where should we eat tonight?" by giving you access to the restaurant data used by our award-winning applications, as seen on FOX, CBS, and Mashable. This includes the nation's largest repository of high-resolution restaurant photography and "Vibe" data, available for 20 U.S. cities. Filter restaurants, bars, and coffee shops by type of Vibe (e.g. Cozy, Hipster, Romantic) and scenario (e.g. with a Date, with a Colleague, with Children), as well as by price, cuisine (e.g. Italian), and meal (e.g. Brunch). Perfect for developers of travel, lifestyle, food, social, local applications who wish to surface the amazing content that Hoppit users interact with every second. Available for New York, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Denver.

IstabaiIstabai API: Istabai is an application that allows users to manage their home heating systems from anywhere with an internet connection. Users can set the service up simply by changing their radiator head and plugging in Istabai's internet cable. The Istabai mobile application and web solution will relay the current temperature to the user and allow them to regulate it as they like. The system can also be accessed and controlled programmatically via REST API. The Istabai website is provided in English, Russian, and Latvian.

National Library of Medicine Digital CollectionsNational Library of Medicine Digital Collections API: The National Library of Medicine’s Digital Collections is a free online archive of biomedical videos and books from the public domain. The National Library of Medicine Digital Collections API provides developer access to both the full text and Dublin Core metadata of every Resource in the repository. Responses are XML formatted.

NoisebridgeNoisebridge API: Noisebridge is a non-profit, educational corporation that provides a public space containing an electronics lab, a machine shop, a library, a darkroom, a kitchen, and more. Anyone can come in and use the facilities to work on a project, either alone or in groups.

Noisebridge provides a simple, RESTful API for accessing web-based services that people using the facilities have coded. So far, there is a simple text-to-speech service available. For the moment, the API is only accessible from the Noisebridge public space, but this will change once authorization methods are up and running.

They Said SoThey Said So API: They Said So is a website that provides daily quotes and random quotes from a large quotation database. Developers can use the RESTful They Said So API to include quotes in their applications. The API can retrieve a quote of the day, random quotes, quotes meeting certain length restrictions, categories of quotes, and quotes by a certain author. It can also retrieve a Bible verse of the day or a random verse.

USC Event CalendarUSC Event Calendar API: The University of Southern California Events Calendar provides a comprehensive searchable listing of campus events, including music and theater, exhibits, lectures, film, sports, and more. The USC Event Calendar API provides RESTful access to the calendar’s event data.
The API supports automated calls to limit events by a variety of fields and data types, as well as searching within fields. The API supports JSON and JSONP formatted responses.

USC Map DataUSC Map Data API: The University of Southern California’s Map Data API provides a RESTful interface for retrieving content from the University’s online map. The API supports JSON and JSONP formats. Users can search for locations, building codes and names, and a variety of map metadata.

USC WebcamUSC Webcam API: The University of Southern California’s Webcam API is produced by the University’s Web Services. The API provides RESTful access to archived still photos and movies from TommyCam, the webcam centered on the Tommy Trojan statue in the middle of USC’s University Park campus. The API retrieves JSON and JSONP listings.