Today in APIs: New York Public Library API, Mozilla WebPayment API

New York Public Library API helps opens up digital archives to developers. Mozilla to introduce WebPayment API, a common way to make online payments. Plus: If you have missed Google's SXSW presentation on Project Glass and its Mirror API, check out the full rundown made available on YouTube.

New York Public Library Launches Public API Developer Tools

The New York Public Library has opened up access to more than a century of are and unique material by releasing an API that can tap into its digital archives, which are currently numbered at more than a million.

The Digital Collections API is REST-like, supports both JSON and XML data formats and is currently rate limited to 10,000 requests per API token. Each item is identified by a unique object and you can get metadata on the object and relevant pages in the library for that object. For more information, check out the Digital Collections API.

Mozilla wants to simplify online payments with navigator.mozPay()

Mozilla is moving forward with its plan to simplify web payments by introducing WebPayment, an experimental JavaScript API to help applications accept payments. The API is will be baked into the Firefox OS first and later into Firefox for Android and desktop Firefox browser. The article correctly notes that it will be challenging for Mozilla to change the status quo in the current payments space, which is dominated by Paypal and emerging payment platforms like Stripe. For more details, refer to the draft specification for WebPayments API.

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