Today in APIs: NFLdata Touchdown with API, Canonical API to Boost Ubuntu, and 3 NEW APIs

NFLData releases gridiron API. Canonical prepares to take aim with Ubuntu smartphone in 2014, releases API now. Plus: Samsung launches its own dev conference, Google TV update will include Google Cast API, and 3 new APIs. Scores Touchdown with API

What do you think of when someone says NFL? Touchdowns? MVP? Superbowl? Draft pick? How about: statistics? has your numbers. Now they have released an API that allows Integration of both comprehensive data and real-time data feeds into third party applications.

In explaining why the company went with Apiphany, CEO Scott Gimpel said a lot of it had to do with flexibility around payment options:

"We looked at some of the bigger, more established companies that do API services. One of the problems was that since we are a smaller business, they weren't affordable for us. It was too much of an up-front commitment, too much up-front capital."

Pricing beings at $29/month and escalates to $1,000 for the enterprise edition.

Canonical Positions Ubuntu and Later Smartphone as Challenge to iOS, Android with New API

South African-based Canonical has released an API in its effort to release a Ubuntu smartphone in early 2014.

As reported by Duncan Alfreds in News24, Canonical has stated that the combination of APIs and an SDK will support developers interested in the phone:

"Today we are announcing the Ubuntu SDK Beta. The SDK provides a set of APIs that includes the UI toolkit, enabling developers to create responsive and interactive applications with a native Ubuntu mobile UI."

One of the key advantages of Ubuntu is the latest release is always accessible because it is truly open source. That means not having to wait for the release cycles that can be spaced 6 months or more apart.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

3 New APIs

Today we had 3 new APIs added to our API directory including a order management service, a classroom participation clicker service and a JavaScript error logging service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

HandshakeHandshake API: Handshake is a service for writing and receiving orders online using an iPad, iPhone, or web browser. Orders sync instantly and are automatically tracked and sorted by item, region, rep, and more. Customer lists and information are managed so that important information, such as order history, is always within easy reach. Handshake even comes with support for barcode scanning.

The Handshake API enables users to integrate Handshake with other applications and services using REST calls issued in XML or JSON.

i>clicker GOi>clicker GO API: The i>clicker is a type of device that helps audiences and presenters interact by letting audience members respond to questions instantly with the press of a button. It was originally conceived as a teaching tool to improve engagement in very large, amphitheater-style classrooms.

i>clicker GO is a web application that provides an alternative to i>clicker devices by allowing students to access i>clicker functions on any device that connects to the internet. The i>clicker GO API allows users to log in, get information on courses that are using the i>clicker, and register for a course.

JSLoggerJSLogger API: JSLogger is a service that monitors websites for errors in the execution of their JavaScript code. It also tracks visitors' behavior on the websites. All of this information is stored by JSLogger in the cloud, so that users can analyze it at their leisure. JSLogger also provides functions for creating graphs and charts to help analyze the data. Users can keep separate logs for each of their projects and receive daily email updates on each one.

The JSLogger API currently allows users to query their data in the cloud and build applications on top of it. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format.