Today in APIs: NPR API Tools, Blogger Added to HootSuite App Directory, and 11 New APIs

NPR gets serious about teaching developers to use its API. Blogger added to HootSuite’s app directory. Plus: GSA rolls out new metrics and API for social media, Adland on Twitter Ads API, and 11 new APIs.

The NPR API: Learn 'em up Good

Javaun Moradi at WBAA radio from Purdue explains, NPR is serious about getting the news and the tools out so people can learn to use  their API,

"The API makes NPR's content portable and powers all of NPR's mobile and connected cars apps. And with support from NPR Digital Services, hundreds of NPR Member Stations use the API to publish NPR stories on their websites and mobile apps and share their own stories with each other. This new course is intended to extend the knowledge and usability of the NPR API not just for those already working in public radio, but the general public as well."

They have launched an NPR API course on Codecademy, revamped their main API documentation, and opened their  Q & A Café to answer questions on a variety of toolsets.

Blogger and 3 Apps added to HootSuite App Directory

HootSuite Engagement

Jordan Behan posts on the Hootsuite blog that Batchbook, StoreYa and Appboy together with Blogger are joining the HootSuite App Directory. Batchbook is a social CRM. Appboy "helps you understand, segment and message your mobile audience." StoreYa imports webstores into Facebook. With these four there are now 49 apps in the directory.

Available on the HootSuite Dashboard, the Blogger App lets you manage your posts, pages and helps you share them. All from within HootSuite, anywhere around the world.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a programming article search, retrieval, a business operating information service, a travel booking service, a syndicated content service, a communication and payment processing service and a company contact information via bar code service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

27 Seconds Knowledge Base27 Seconds Knowledge Base API: 27 Seconds is a full-service graphic design and development firm. Knowledge Base is a section of their website that contains snippets of code, links, and general ideas that are useful when programming. Site visitors can view all the contents of Knowledge Base in a list, or they can search Knowledge Base for specific information. 27 Seconds provides a SOAP-based API that allows users to search, retrieve, and rate Knowledge Base articles programmatically.

Business ProfilesBusiness Profiles API: The service provides provides search access to the provider's database of public registrations and disclosures required of corporations. Public companies must register information with government authorities about locations, officers, lines of business, and some financial details. The service summarizes these kinds of information in profiles of over 40 million records companies worldwide. Applications can make use of this information for purposes like validating their own information about a company, discovering company official names and contact information, and verifying a company's good standing with government agencies.

API methods support submission of a query specifying all or part of a company name or other term relevant to the company's profile. Requests can also specify a legal structure (corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) and record status to filter results. Methods also allow search for officer names and other details for a particular company specified by ID value in the request.

ebookersebookers API: provides global online booking options for travel products including a choice of over 250 airlines, more than 110,000 hotels, holidays, car hire and insurance. is part of Orbitz Worldwide (NYSE: OWW). The ebookers API allows users to embed live XML feeds into third party sites including Flight feeds, Hotel feeds, and Car hire feeds. The API is part of the site's affiliate program and an account is required with service.

Free Content ArticlesFree Content Articles API: The service provides short English-language articles on a wide range of topics submitted by users interested in distribution of their information. Terms of use allow free reuse of article content under a Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0 license. The web User Interface links articles grouped under more than 300 categories, and API access allows applications to integrate the content.

API methods support retrieval of specific articles by citing an articleID in the request. Methods also allow retrieval of all articles by a specified author or all articles categorized under a specified topic. Returned article data includes the body text along with title, author (with 'about' blurb), category, and status

Genie CashBoxGenie CashBox API: Genie Cashbox is a communication and payment processing service that plends products and services to facilitate business operations and member to member payments. The Genie Cashbox API allows users to GET and POST transaction and payment information. The service uses REST calls and uses SSL for Authentication. An account is required with service.

GEPIRGEPIR API: GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) provides online access to basic contact information for companies that are members of GS1. These member companies use GS1's globally unique numbering system to identify their products, physical locations, and shipments. By typing a product's bar code number into GEPIR, users can find the code owner's contact information. Physical location numbers and shipment numbers can also be used as search criteria.

This service is accessible directly using a web interface or programmatically using a SOAP-based API.

Lost Springs WeatherLost Springs Weather API: Lost Springs Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin. They provide a safe habitat for local wildlife and propagate native plants, especially those endemic to Central Texas. The Lost Springs website primarily contains photos and information about the native plants; however, it also provides a local weather information service. This can be viewed directly through the site, or users may employ a SOAP-based API to retrieve weather information as either text or an image.

Pin 'n' TagPin 'n' Tag API: Pin 'n' Tag is a location information service. Pin 'n' Tag provides information about locations for tagging, application Integration, and mapping.

The Pin 'n' Tag API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pin 'n' Tag with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for API access.

RelifyRelify API: Relify is a recommendations as a service provider. Relify provides infrastructure and data for developers to integrate recommendation functionality into their applications.

The Relify API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Relify with other applications and to create applications. Some example API methods include creating data and datasets, creating and managing users, and managing account information.

SpanDexSpanDex API: SpanDex is a collaborative academic Platform that is intended to ease the research and collaboration between professors and other project works. The SpanDex API allows users to open entire ZIP or Tarball files in SpanDeX, open text snippets (small and incomplete, or entire documents) via URL parameters,
open text snippets (small and incomplete, or entire documents) POSTed via a web form. The service uses REST calls.

TurnItin iThenticateTurnItin iThenticate API: The service provides search against published articles and other resources to match a sample provided by a user or application. It reports other occurrences of text provided to the service across journals, publications, and other published source to allow verification of original work or identify copies of the same text published elsewhere. Uses include verification by academic institutions that work turned in is original to students claiming it and investigation by authors of suspected copying from their work without proper attribution.

API methods support submitting document text to be checked for matches in other published sources. Methods also support managing document collections via folder structures and user accounts. The API returns a similarity report citing locations of text that matches content submitted with the request.