Today in APIs: Oanda Opens Trading Platform with API

Oanda releases an API for it Forex trading Platform. Bottlenose offers an API for its trending tools. Plus: Rackspace launches OnMetal cloud servers, and Maplight releases election 2014 database.

Oanda API Accesses its Forex Trading Platform

Forex broker Oanda has released an API to provide access to its proprietary trading platform.

The platform focuses on traders investing in the currency, precious metals, commodities, indices and bond markets. As the company commented, the REST API lets developers build apps in any language:

“fxTrade offers many benefits to self-directed investors active in the currency, precious metals, commodities, indices and bond markets. Transparency has been a hallmark of our business since its inception and the OANDA API is another example of that,” said Trevor Young, Vice President, Product Management, OANDA Corporation. “Our API team has been intently focused on a number of initiatives including building an accompanying partner program and online Marketplace, all the while enhancing and delivering the APIs that our clients demand.”

Given that the platform keeps evolving, watch this space for more APIs from Oanda.

Bottlenose Updates its Trending Tools with an API

Trend detection company Bottlenose has released an API for its Nerve Center product.

Its aim is to focus in on trend analysis because many brand marketing teams don't have that in house. The analysis extends beyond social media trending to include radio and TV as well. As Anthony Ha writes in Techcrunch, Nerve Center creates a newsfeed for users to catch up on trends:

[CEO Nova] Spivack noted that Bottlenose StreamSense platform is now processing 3 billion messages each hour. Customers and other application developers can start tapping into that data on their own, as the company launches new APIs. Bottlenose refers to its API as “META”, which stands for the types of data available — Metrics, Entities, Trends, and Actions. Spivack said the APIs can be used to improve ad targeting tools, customer databases, their own enterprise dashboards, and more.

The Nerve Center platform now focuses on 150 different metrics in addition to the standard focus on volume and sentiment.

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