Today in APIs: Octoblu Seeks to Simplify the Internet of Things

Octoblu aims to be a connector for the Internet of Things. Appy Pie offers new API for food ordering Apps for restaurants. Plus: Amazon Web Services growing 90% YoY, and FireFox beta API add-ons.

Octoblu Aims to Be Overarching Connector of People, Devices, and Applications

Startup Octoblu has yet to release any products/applications. But it's getting ready to solve a big puzzle in the realm of the Internet of Things: How to make everything play nice together across what is today and promises to continue to be a vastly diverse landscape.

As Jason Meyers reports in LightReading, Octoblu has taken on a thorny problem:

"All the various constituents need to be able to communicate with each other in a meaningful way, and there is no apparent single standard," says Geir Ramleth, co-founder and CEO of Octoblu. "What if you could build a system that's the honest broker for all that -- a service that will connect to any protocol or API or device, and become the gateway and the service broker and the data broker between these various points?"

But exactly how will they pull this off? That isn't clear. Ramleth and co-founder and CTO Chris Matthieu come from Bechtel Telecommunications prior to starting up Octoblu. It seems they've formulated the problem correctly, which is often more than half the battle. Their aim is to create a software as a service Platform to oversee connections to many devices, all of which can be viewed through a dashboard. We'll have to wait to see if they can pull it off.

Appy Pie's API for Restaurants Serves Full Course Meal for Food Ordering Apps

Mobile-App builder Appy Pie, that assists companies in building Apps for a wide range of enterprises and end users, has created a restaurant API to help clubs, cafes, restaurants, and other outlets serving food create mobile apps to entice customers in the door. As the founder of Appy Pie, Abhinav Girdhar, notes:

Over the past 18 months Appy Pies technology team has worked really hard to deliver this API, which will empower developers to create innovative mobile apps for restaurants that will help them attract more customers and increase table reservation, said Abhinav Girdhar Founder, Appy Pie.

The API has extensive features, including menu creation, easy payment with Paypal, GPS directions to get to the restaurant, and reservation capabilities. Most of these make intuitive sense--of course they would be features. But Appy Pie has stretched the boundaries farther to create a bells-and-whistles API that can help food establishments stand out. Additional features include loyalty card capabilities, happy hour coupons, photo gallery Integration. There's even a feature that employes Google Analytics to study dining behavior of customers.

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