Today in APIs: Office 365 APIs get Libraries

Office 365 APIs more accessible via NET and JavaScript libraries. Niche dating service Avalanche hooks up with Leadwrench. Plus: Are APIs a copyright or patent issue, and Seagate's Open Storage API.

Office 365 APIs Get .NET and Javascript Libraries

Libraries for .NET and Javascript can now be used to access Office 365 APIs. The idea is to make REST APIs easier to use from any device. With the release of the update for Visual Studio Preview, there are additional tooling services to facilitate interacting with Office 365.

As Chakkaradeep Chandran and Saurabh Bhatia write on Microsoft's Office blog,

We wanted to make sure that you can reach multiple device and service platforms with a consistent API, so the client libraries are portable .NET libraries, which means they also work with Android and iOS devices through Xamarin. Because Authentication needs to display a UI that is different on the various platforms, we also provide Platform-specific authentication libraries, which can then be used with the portable ones to provide an end-to-end experience. Note that while we tend to call these “client” libraries, these also work with .NET server technologies like Asp.Net Web Forms and MVC, so you really get to target the breadth of the .NET platform.

With the client libraries, you can do authentication discovery, make use of the API for Mail, Calendar and Contacts, use the My Files and Sites API and access the Users and Groups API.

Avalanche Launches API and Partners with Leadwrench for API

Niche dating site operator Avalanche has created an API for its affiliate program, Online Dating cash, and in a major strategic partnership is working with Leadwrench, a major Internet marketing platform for marketers and affiliates.

As the companies commented, Avalanche is Leadwrench's first integrated mainstream online dating partner:

Consumer behavior toward online dating influenced Avalanche's decision to further develop its API and partner with Lead Wrench to ensure it followed best-practices for working with affiliates, and marketing their data. "The majority of Internet dating users are on multiple sites now. There's a dating site for everyone these days, it seems. Often people will join a generic site, and then join a niche site; roughly 25% of all paying members are on multiple sites now," said Mark Brooks, editor of

That user tendency to use multiple sites makes an API and this partnership make sense, in order to share traffic. The API allows users to join multiple sites without having to fill out new account forms. The API is free to affiliates.

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