Today in APIs: OneNote API Team to Demonstrate at Build 2014, and 9 New APIs

Microsoft's OneNote API team will show off the ease of use of the OneNote and OneDrive APIs at the upcoming Build 2014 conference. Plus, Tuenti to use Tweakker API Platform and 9 new APIs.

OneNote API Team to Present at Build 2014 Conference

Microsoft's OneNote API team will be showing off an app built with the OneNote and OneDrive APIs at the upcoming Build 2014 conference. The Function of the app is to create a digital memory collection experience. However, the purpose of the demonstration is to the APIs ease of use from a range of platforms. The API team will be walking around the building showing off the app and gathering developer feedback and wishlists.

The team will start its exhibition April 4th at 12:30 PM. The team will also host one on one meetings with interested developers. The team encourages those interested to DM the team at @onenotedev.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a chicago food truck location service, an amtera service to measure semantic relatedness of text, a customizable crm Integration interface and a camera upload tool. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Chicago Food Truck FinderChicago Food Truck Finder API: The Chicago Food Truck Finder site features a map, list of vendors, weekly schedule for common food truck sites, and a blog tracking the mobile food scene in Chicago.

Its REST API allows other application developers to use the Chicago food truck location data as well.

ESA Semantic RelatednessESA Semantic Relatedness API: Amtera helps organizations conduct semantic searches through its Esprit Search Platform product, and helps them manage online marketing campaigns through its Sentient Web Marketing product. It also offers consulting services on using and analyzing Big Data.

Its Semantic Relatedness API utilizes Wikipedia to compare the meanings of two input text excerpts per request. Currently available in English and Portuguese, the service calculates semantic relatedness by measuring how often words occur in similar contexts.

MethodMethod API: Method provides customizable customer relationship management (CRM) integration for small businesses. It can manage contacts and leads; sync with QuickBooks for orders, invoicing and time tracking; and connect with common email marketing services.

The Method API allows developers and programmers to incorporate an end user's QuickBooks and Method CRM data into their own applications.

Mozilla CameraMozilla Camera API: The Camera API from Mozilla enables the ability to upload pictures taken with a device camera directly to a web page. Utilized with the File API, which accesses the photograph, you can create a URL referencing the photograph and set that as the src of the image.

Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

Mozilla GamepadMozilla Gamepad API: The Gamepad API from Mozilla provides new events on a Window object for reading gamepad and controller state. It also enables the ability to query the state of connected gamepads with an added Gamepad object.

Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

Mozilla TelephonyMozilla Telephony API: The Web Telephony API from Mozilla enables web content to handle phone calls from JavaScript code. Web content is able to manage the following call functions: dial out, answer, reject, hold, and resume.

Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

Mozilla VibrationMozilla Vibration API: The Vibration API from Mozilla enables web apps with the ability to access the vibration hardware included on mobile devices. Using javascript, it is designed to addresses the need for tactile feedback. It can enable alerts within mobile web applications.

Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

SDL Language Cloud TranslationSDL Language Cloud Translation API: SDL is an industry leader in translation and related technology, and provides customer experience optimization services, including analysis, strategy, management and delivery of web content, Documentation, and marketing materials, to facilitate communication between businesses and their customers worldwide.

Depending on price, quality, and timeling requirements, the REST-based SDL Language Cloud Translation API can provide a text-based information translation service to end users, by either machines or human translators. Developers may translate up to one million characters each month for free using machine translation in Sandbox mode.

SurveyMethodsSurveyMethods API: SurveyMethods' REST API enables you to integrate third party applications or systems with SurveyMethods. Using our API, you can automate the sending of surveys to respondents without having to log in to and manually launch your surveys. You can also configure your applications to send data to SurveyMethods in a predefined manner whenever a workflow based process is completed. The output/response for an API call request is in the following formats:

XML (Default Output Format)