Today in APIs: OneRoof Energy Launches API Library, and 12 New APIs

OneRoof Energy has released a residential solar API Library. Plus, W3C releases draft NFC API and 12 new APIs.

OneRoof Energy Launches API Library to Spawn Innovation in Solar Software

OneRoof Energy, home energy services provider, has announced the release of its first residential solar API library. The API is targeted at partners looking to develop home energy management (HEM) and home automation solutions. The library includes multiple APIs that allow developers to interface with SunOpps, affiliates, sales people, designers and more.  SunOpps is OneRoof's application for solar electric system design and management.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile advertising Platform, a dutch postcode & address service, a real time edinburgh bus information service, a JavaScript code shortening service and a mobile & web video game platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. AdtileAdtile API: Adtile is a mobile advertising platform. Adtile integrates advertising within mobile applications to build the ads into the User Experience. The Adtile API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Adtile with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service for publishers. Dutch PostcodeDutch Postcode API: Dutch Postcode is a RESTful API that allows users to verify Dutch addresses, returning streetname, municipality, province and GPS coordinates when a postcode is requested. The data is open government data from the Netherlands. Edinburgh BustrackerEdinburgh Bustracker API: Edinburgh Bustracker is a Web Service delivering real time bus information for the Edinburgh area. The API delivers information on services, routes, destinations, bus stops, time tables, and service disruptions. JavaScript MinifierJavaScript Minifier API: JavaScript Minifier is a simple tool for removing all unnecessary characters from the user's JavaScript code without compromising its functionality. Users can minify their code on the website by pasting it into the input box, or they can use HTTP POST calls to minify their code programmatically. PlayCanvasPlayCanvas API: PlayCanvas is a platform for building and managing mobile and web video games. PlayCanvas provides a JavaScript API for building HTML5 video games. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service. Interested developers should email for more information. ScorescardScorescard API: Scorescard is a free API providing programmatic access to live sports scores. The API’s initial launch included only cricket scores, while scores for football, tennis, and other sports are expected to be added soon. The API is able to deliver a list of current matches or scores for a specified match. SendOwlSendOwl API: SendOwl is a retail tool that helps creative entrepreneurs sell their digital and physical goods online. Users can sell their products to and from anywhere, and buyers are automatically shown checkout pages in their own language. SendOwl can securely store and distribute files for digital products, ensuring that only the buyer can access them. SendOwl gives payments to sellers immediately, without taking a cut of the the sale. Advanced reporting services and a built-in affiliate tool are also provided to help users grow their businesses. The SendOwl API allows other applications and services to programmatically access and update data associated with SendOwl customer accounts. Similar Site CheckSimilar Site Check API: Similarsitecheck is a free and open search engine to find similar and related websites. Our specially developed similarity algorithm Similarsitecheck helps to find alternative webpages. We provide an API for developers or whoever would like to use our data. It's free to get started using the API. There is a rate limit of 5,000 queries per day. If you expect to exceed that, please get in touch with us. Input a domain and receive an output of 20 similar websites with title, description, domainpower, website language and their similarity score. SiteLock PartnerSiteLock Partner API: SiteLock is a website security service that scans the customer's website and fixes any existing issues with malware and other vulnerabilities. Afterwards, customers can use the TrueShield firewall to protect their site and TrueSpeed to speed it up. SiteLock also facilitates PCI compliance for sites that accept payments. Once a site is scanned and secured, it can display the SiteLock Trust Seal, which shows end users that they can shop there safely. SiteLock Partners can integrate with SiteLock in several ways, including via REST API. SpamtySpamty API: Spamty is a web service that encrypts email addresses and provides links to the email address instead of putting email addresses on the web. The Spamty API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Spamty with other applications. The two main API methods are encrypting email addresses and unencrypting email addresses. The Walters Art Museum CollectionsThe Walters Art Museum Collections API: The Walters Art Museum is a Baltimore art museum. The museum exposes data and images describing the works of art in their collection via API. The Walters Art Museum Collections API accesses information about particular collections, works, exhibitions, museum locations, and metadata describing artworks’ geographic relationships. XML TravelgateXML Travelgate API: XML Travelgate provides XML-based integrations for connecting with the travel industry's suppliers. These integrations cover a wide range of industry sectors and services, including hotel bookings, car rentals, transfers, tourism activities, and various modes of transportation. The website is available in both English and Spanish, but the API documentation is provided solely in English.

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