Today in APIs: Onset Technology Releases OnPage API, and 11 New APIs

Onset Technology launches an API for OnPage. JetBlue adopts SITA's Mobile Boarding Pass API. Plus: Clever lands major funding, and 11 new APIs.

Onset Technology Releases API for OnPage

Onset Technology, OnPage creator, has released an API that helps integrate OnPage with existing communication infrastructure. The API will increase reliability, security, accountability, efficiency, and compliance in the healthcare and emergency response sectors. OnPage already saves lives and reduces costs. However, the API capabilities will help streamline OnPage's capabilities even further.

Judith Sharon, Onset CEO, commented:

“A broad range of organizations, both small and large, are embracing OnPage, enabling the company to triple its customer base from 2012 to 2013, and expecting to triple it yet again in 2014.”

JetBlue Integrates with SITA's Mobile Boarding Pass API

SITA, air transport communications solution provider, has announced that JetBlue has adopted the Mobile Boarding Pass API. JetBlue has integrated the Mobile Boarding Pass through Apple's Passbook. Now, passengers can check-in online and use iPhones to check in.

Jim Peters, SITA CTO, commented:

"The challenge for some airlines is that they might not have the enough resources within their internal IT team to fully enable Passbook quickly, and this is where SITA’s API comes into play. At SITA we’ve worked out all the details to enable fast implementation of Passbook, or any mobile boarding pass, by the world’s airlines.”

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a statistical database for latin america and the caribbean, a restaurant safety inspection information service, a form creation and data collection service, a brand management Platform and a group task and project management service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CEPALSTAT API: CEPALSTAT provides a gateway to all the statistical information of Latin America and the Caribbean countries that has been collected, systematized and published by Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Use the CEPALSTAT database to export data and cross-tabulate indicators to produce tables combining data from different series, countries, and time periods.

CEPALSTAT offers a RESTful API for programmatic access to over 1,000 indicators. Responses are returned as XML documents. To use the CEPALSTAT API, you must register as application developer.

EatSafe OttawaEatSafe Ottawa API: The EatSafe Ottawa API provides developers with methods for retrieving information on the safety of restaurants in Ottawa. Users can retrieve information on specific restaurants, get a list of restaurants near a given location, and search for restaurants by name. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON.

FormhubFormhub API: Formhub is an open source service that allows people to create and distribute mobile data forms to collect and analyze data. Users can author their surveys in Excel and then distribute them using either Android devices or the internet. Survey information is collected in real time and is displayed visibly on maps, charts, etc. Users can access their forms and data programmatically using REST calls.

HubbaHubba API: Hubba is a brand management platform that helps retailers and brands manage product data for omni-channel commerce. The Hubba platform allows brands and retailers to manage and share their consumer-ready product information in order to ensure that the right message gets to the right consumers at exactly the right moment in the purchase decision process.

Hubba offers a REST API for programmatic access to Hubba services. API endpoints include searchByTag, listFolder, listProducts, getEntity, updateEntity, createProductEntity, createFolder, deleteEntity, and uploadMedia. An API Key is required.

KonaKona API: Kona is a task and project management service for helping groups of people get things done. With Kona's "spaces", users can bring all of their to-do lists, schedules, and messages for a project together in one place. Users can invite their team members, groups, friends, and family members to join their spaces quickly and privately. Group conversations are enhanced by the fact that they take place in the context of the files, events, and information being discussed. Kona offers filesharing services that can be integrated with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

LayerVaultLayerVault API: LayerVault is a version control service for designers. Users can store an unlimited number of versions of a design project and can access any of them whenever they wish. Design files can be synced across devices through LayerVault's sync service or via Dropbox. Designers can also request and exchange feedback on design changes with team members. When a project is complete, designers can put together a clutter-free presentation with their own branding and share it easily. The LayerVault API allows developers to integrate information stored with LayerVault into other applications via REST calls.

NymiNymi API: Nymi is a technology-enabled wristband that keeps track of your unique heartbeat and uses the heartbeat to log users in to applications, devices, and other password-protected things.

The Nymi API and SDK allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of Nymi with other applications and devices. Public Documentation is coming soon; interested developers should follow up here:

Open AssessmentsOpen Assessments API: Open Assessments is a service for creating and sharing questions in order to assess people's knowledge. Questions created through Open Assessments can be embedded on any page of any website. Users can create and retrieve assessments programmatically via REST API. This service was built by Open Tapestry with funding from MIT.

Philadelphia School InformationPhiladelphia School Information API: Philadelphia School Information provides users with a collection of REST calls for retrieving information about the SDP (School District of Philadelphia). These calls allow users to get a list of all Philadelphia schools, get a list of schools the SDP has slated for closure, and get basic or detailed information about a single school.

YettiYetti API: Yetti is a platform for creating e-commerce and content-managed websites. It comes equipped to handle product management, general content management, custom pricing rules, promotions, and shipping. Yetti's infrastructure is built on the Rackspace Cloud and highly scalable. Users can edit their site's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from anywhere through their browser. Yetti's RESTful API allows developers to integrate Yetti with their own applications.

Zumata HotelsZumata Hotels API: Zumata is a Web Service providing ancillary revenue solutions for hotels, airlines, travel agents, event managers, tourism boards, and other travel industry entities. The Zumata Hotels API provides programmatic access to Zumata’s integratable booking engine, allowing customer applications to find, book, and cancel hotel reservations.