Today in APIs: OpenKit Backend for Social Games, Social Foundry's SOAPbox API Adaptor, and 15 New APIs

The OpenKit back end goes live. Social Foundry's SOAPbox API Adaptor. Plus: WebStorm puts everything at your finger tips, and 15 new APIs.

OpenFeint Replacement OpenKit Goes Live with 10 Developers

OpenKit, founded in December to replace the defunct OpenFeint, is aiming to restore some of the cross Platform social services to game developers such as leader boards.

As Lou Zell, Todd Hamilton and Suneet Shah, co-founders of OpenKit point out in the press release, ten developers including Bongfish Games and Two Tails have been working with it since beta:

"We're breaking down the silos of vertical services that come with mobile platforms. OpenKit is the only platform that supports Game Center ids, Google+ ids and Facebook ids, so players can play games with 'real friends' and challenge each other regardless of the type of device and game. Even Amazon recognized the importance our vision last week, when they announced that their Android-only GameCircle service was being extended to iOS. However GameCircle is neither open source nor is it taking the approach toward universal Authentication like OpenKit. And developers can seamlessly slide in OpenKit which wraps both Game Center APIs and Google Play Services."

The services are all delivered via API with an eye catching promise: you can integrate in less than an hour.

REST Support Comes to SOAPbox API Adaptor

Social Foundry, focused on making the internet of things come alive, is getting on their REST SOAP box (sorry, couldn't resist) with version 1.4 of SOAPbox that has REST support as one of its main features.

As the company points out in the press release, the new release supports advanced logging capabilities, native Integration with the SOAPbox-M dashboards and most importantly, REST support:

"The whole world is going REST," commented David Al-Khazraji, CEO of the Social Foundry. "The early adoption phase of REST based communications is now past us, and the uptake of REST based web services is set to grow exponentially. We believe the Social Foundry is uniquely positioned to provide customers with a turnkey API management solution which includes REST based creation and management capabilities."

As with the last story, speed is the hook. Social Foundry says that their tools can help create a REST API in under five minutes. Their five-step process is a window on how that might be true:provide your database connection information, write your SQL, grant access, integrate, and monitor. And voila!

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including an application metric tracking service, an image recognition and visual search tool, a business application development platform, a semantic invoice analysis service and an information on international ports service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

App AnnieApp Annie API: App Annie is a metrics tracking service for applications. App Annie offers ranking, metrics, and intelligence for applications and their associated features.

The App Annie API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of App Annie with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving application metrics and sales, accessing metric data, and managing user and account information.

CamFindCamFind API: CamFind is a visual search and image recognition app. Users take or load a picture and CamFind returns information about captured objects, including what things are, where you can buy them, where similar things are, and more. The app is also able to translate captured text, read QR and barcodes, and share pictures over social networks.
CamFind exposes its backend over a Web API. The service allows applications and websites to request images and check responses through simple HTTP calls.

CloudfierCloudfier API: Cloudfier is a platform for the development and deployment of enterprise applications. The service allows you to use Cloudfier’s business programming language to define a business-centric solution. Cloudfier then takes care of the technical side by automatically producing a complete, running web application, from user-interface to database schema.

The functionality of Cloudfier applications is available via a REST API. Examples provided in the Documentation include determining the currently logged-in user and determining default values when creating new objects via the REST API.

disdardisdar API: Disdar is a fully automatic semantic invoice analysis service that extracts important information from invoices with guaranteed accuracy. The service is scalable and intended to adapt to user needs.

Disdar's RESTful API allows developers to create custom services and apps that benefit from automatic invoice analysis. All interaction with the API is over HTTP and is formatted in JSON. An API Key is required.

FindaportFindaport API: Findaport is a Web Service providing access to Shipping Guides Limited’s comprehensive information on ports, harbors, cargo terminals, and tanker facilities worldwide. The Findaport API provides developer access to the site’s data. Data describing ports is available in over 70 headings. Additionally, the API is able to return plans, photos, and Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced.

GenomeNet ToolsGenomeNet Tools API: GenomeNet provides a network of databases and computational services related to research on genomics and other biomedical sciences. The GenomeNet Tools API provides chemical analysis tools for comparing, converting, and searching for chemical structures. The GenomeNet website is available in both English and Japanese, but the API documentation appears only to be available in English.

HERE GeocoderHERE Geocoder API: Find an address or resolve a geo-location into an address with Geocoder. Get accuracy to the door-step with global, fresh coverage based on continuously updated automotive-grade map data.

Jawbone UPJawbone UP API: Jawbone develops human-centered wearable technology and audio devices. Jawbone’s flagship product is Jambox, a wireless speaker and speakerphone. Jawbone’s UP is a wristband and app that tracks sleep, movement, and eating patterns, with the intent of helping users apply that information to improve their lives.

Jawbone exposes the UP platform through an API intended to enable the exchange of data in order to extend and augment the UP User Experience while supporting complementary services. The API accepts HTTP requests and returns JSON formatted responses.

NL.AE iptocNL.AE iptoc API: NL.AE provides free domain registration services using the domain. NL.AE’s IP to Country (iptoc) API allows webmasters to programmatically geolocate visitor IP addresses. The API accepts HTTP calls specifying an IP address and returns a country code.

PactasPactas API: Pactas is a subscription billing solution that provides recurring billing, invoicing and contract management services. Pactas helps businesses manage subscriptions and memberships, track payments and design complex pricing models.

Pactas offers a RESTful, JSON-based API for programmatic access to Pactas services. API resources include customers, contracts, documents, files, and plans. Access to API resources is granted through OAuth 2.0 tokens.

PrevaPreva API: Preva is a networked fitness solution for fitness operators and service providers. Preva provides interactive data and solutions for fitness equipment displays.

The Preva API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Preva with other applications and to create new applications. Sign up is required to access the API.

shipcloudshipcloud API: shipcloud is a package and shipment tracking service for Germany (with the rest of Europe coming soon). shipcloud currently supports all of the major carriers on the German market (DHL, UPS, Hermes, GLS, and DPD).

The shipcloud API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of shipcloud with other applications. Some example API methods include looking up packages, tracking shipments, and viewing carrier information.

TextCasterTextCaster API: TextCaster is a multichannel mass notification service. From its web app, users can send text messages, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and more. Messages can be interactive and allow for replies by the recipients. Textcaster's SOAP API allows users to schedule and send messages as well as look up groups, individuals, and saved messages.

TictailTictail API: Tictail is a service to create and manage online stores. Tictail offers a variety of eCommerce features, including metrics reporting, checkout services, and social media integration.

The Tictail API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tictail with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving customer information, managing store information, and managing product information.

wger Workout Managerwger Workout Manager API: Wger Workout Manager is an open source web application for managing exercise and fitness. Application features include a workout manager that allows you to create and manage your workout routines, a weight tracker that will keep track of your progress, and a nutrition manager that allows you to create a diet plan based on nutritional gudelines.

Wger Workout Manager provides a REST API for access to all wger Workout Manager database objects. Public endpoints such as lists of exercises or ingredients are available without authentication. For user owned objects such as workouts, an API key is required.