Today in APIs: ownCloud Launches Enterprise 6, and 5 New APIs

ownCloud launches enterprise 6, new APIs to keep IT in control of data. Google to launch an SDK for Android wearables in two weeks. Plus: changing the world one API at a time, launches an API, and 5 new APIs.

ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition Keeps Data in Hands of IT, Releases New APIs

ownCloud, which owns the space of fully self-hosted, enterprise-ready file sync and share software, has just realized its ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition featuring a file firewall that allows administrators to set various controls and Integration that includes LDAP wizard, SAML-based Authentication, Jive integration, and application integration.

As the press release stated:

ownCloud's highly extensible security infrastructure tier now provides SAML authentication to enable organizations to drop ownCloud into existing enterprise environments and authenticate with established identity providers, something only an on-premises installation can do. The application integration tier provides new file sharing and mobile APIs (recently released as open source) on top of existing provisioning and application plug-in APIs, making it easier for businesses and app developers to leverage ownCloud file storage capabilities.

For the application integration, the release includes new mobile libraries. The two APIs referred to previously are an internal server Application API that makes ownCloud extensions easy to build and easy to customize and the Sharing REST API, which offers a service-based interface to file sharing and notifications.

Google's Android Chief Announces SDK for Wearables Coming in Two Weeks

True to Google's Android strategy of letting others design the hardware, the Senior VP for Android, Apps, and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, has announced at SXSW that an SDK for wearables will be available in two weeks.

According to Steven Musil, writing in CNET, that's not all:

Google is expected to unveil plans for its smartwatch-centric operating system later this month, a person familiar with the company's plans told CNET in February. Google is said to be working with South Korean electronics maker LG to produce a smartwatch that will make its debut at its Google I/O conference in June.

The operating system is reportedly based on the Google Now voice and search feature that drives Google Glass. This is the beginning of the multiscreen world. Watch this space.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a music curation service, a domain registration information service, a solar data explorer service and a soccer and football betting tip feeds service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Beats Music API: Beats Music is a music curation service that allows users to input location, mood, company, and the service streams music that it thinks will fit the situation. It will also help users develop personal music profiles based on what they do and don't like. The Beats Music API uses REST calls and allows users to make calls to search the Beats Music Catalog, play tracks, and create, update, and display a playlist. The API uses SSL and an API Key for authentication. An account is required with service.

MusicKonceptMusicKoncept API: MusicKoncept is a set of web tools aimed at web developers. The WHOIS service allows users to query remote databases for domain registration information. The search allows users to discover when and by whom a domain was registered, contact information, and other information. A search can also reveal the name or network mapped to a numerical IP address. The WHOIS API allows to access this search Function remotely.

The Helioviewer ProjectThe Helioviewer Project API: The Helioviewer Project is an open-source project designed to enable everyone to explore the sun and its inner heliosphere. The project allows users to view all kinds of features and events, including coronal cavities, coronal jets, coronal rains, eruptions, filaments, flares, oscillations, sunspots, and more. The Helioviewer Project is funded by the ESA and NASA. Its datasets can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

TipGinTipGin API: TipGin is a service that indexes betting tips on soccer and football from popular betting websites. TipGin offers a collection of XML data feeds that cover over 250 leagues worldwide. Available feeds include the Livescore and Upcoming Schedule Feed, the Odds Comparison Feed, and the Predictions and Match Previews Feed. All feeds update every 5-to-10 seconds and are fully integrable.

Tweet SentimentTweet Sentiment API: Tweet Sentiment is a service that can analyze a tweet, Facebook post, or similar text string for sentiment using natural language processing techniques. The service may categorize sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral and will assign a score indicating the probability that the categorization is correct. Users can access Tweet Sentiment's functions programmatically via REST API.