Today in APIs: Panopto Releases Upload API

Panopto has released an Upload API that they claim will dramatically simplify organizing, managing, and searching libraries of organizational knowledge. emfluence enhances its marketing Platform with a new API. Plus: Crusty API left Facebook accounts open to hijacking.

Panopto Launches Upload API

Panopto, leading video software provider, has released the Upload API. The API was designed to simplify organizing, managing, and searching organizational knowledge libraries. Panopto excels and specializes in the education and enterprise markets. Both market segments tend to maintain large video databases and such databases are growing at an exponential rate. Although the video libraries continue to grow, the libraries tend to be siloed and difficult to sort and search in an efficient manner. The Upload API attempts to solve this problem by providing centralized access to all videos.


Eric Burns, Panopto co-founder and Chief Product Officer, commented:

The value of organizational video isn’t in the individual recordings - it’s in bringing those recordings together into a centralized, searchable Library….Panopto has always provided the easiest way for businesses and universities to create, consolidate and search all of their media. Now, we’re opening that opportunity to developers around the world, providing the easiest way to programmatically ingest every video their organizations have ever created.

Those interested can examine Sample Code at Panopto’s GitHub site. Additionally, developers can watch Burns demo the API during an interview here.  

emfluence Adds API to its Marketing Toolbox

emfluence, digital marketing firm, has added an API to its emfluence Marketing Platform. To an already robust marketing platform, emfluence has added an API with over 50 endpoints. The goal of the API strategy was to give developers access to the marketing toolbox without emflence’s necessary involvement.

emfluence President and CEO, David Cacioppo, commented:

We’re always upgrading and expanding our platform’s ‘toolbox,’ and an API was one of our most frequent requests….We want to make it easier than ever for our customers to execute their next big idea using their own customer data.

To show off the API, emfluence hosted its first hackathon last month at its annual user conference. The hackathon saw developers integrate the API with a number of third party apps (e.g. Google Maps, Twilio,, etc.). The API is currently in beta. Those interested can request a key through their account manager.

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