Today in APIs: Pavlok To Provide an API for Wrist Zapping Device

Pavlok creates wristband to deliver electric shocks and an API. Yodlee Interactive adds features to its API. Plus: Irvine crowd funding hackathon coming up, and a hackathon for IoT apps.

Pavlok Promises to Zap Your Bad Habits

In the wake of the Apple Watch announcement comes a wrist band with a decidedly different offering: it delivers tiny electroshocks to help you break bad habits like smoking. Pavlok promises an API as part of the package. Where once we watched movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest that exposed the downside of electroshock therapy, now it's expected we'll shell out $150 for this device so we can do it ourselves. How times have changed. It may seem unfair to compare it to, say, a dog collar that delivers shocks as a training tool. But, says founder Maneesh Sethi, that's what gave him the idea. As Sara Castellanos reports, he gained attention in the blogosphere when he hired a woman to watch him while he worked on his computer. When he was unproductive, her job was to slap him. He says he increased his productivity fourfold.


Castellanos outlines how the wristband works:

Pavlok, the first product made by Boston-based Behavioral Technology Group, is launching an Indiegogo campaign this week with the goal of raising $50,000 for a wristwatch that vibrates, beeps or shocks you to break bad habits like smoking and excessive eating. It's also aimed at encouraging you to create new habits like exercising more often, according to the company.

 I wonder why didn't Apple think of that?

Yodlee Interactive Adds Location-Based Services to Financial Data API

Last week, we reported on Yodlee's release of an enterprise API to unite banks and promote innovation. Today the company has announced that it has added a private beta program to provide location-based data added to the financial information it gathers on millions of consumers. As the company commented, it delivers access to the most categorically accurate financial information possible, gathered from tens of thousands of US financial institutions, comprising 99% of those companies. With that,

This new, network-wide capability will provide Yodlee Interactive API partners with precise geo location data around where transactions are taking place, allowing partners to add a new layer of personalization to their apps and services.

This will improve recommendations, add context to reward programs and improve expense tracking. Current Yodlee customers can inquire about accessing the beta program.

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