Today in APIs: Paymate's API for Transactions, and 21 New APIs

Paymate launches an API to take on Square down under. Algolia revs up search with new real-time API. Plus: Stripe CTF3 coming soon, WSO2 has an upcoming seminar on secure API management, and 21 new APIs.

Paymate's API for Accepting Credit Cards in Australia and New Zealand

Move over, Square. Paymate aims to lock in the Australian and New Zealand markets for mobile and online credit card transactions for small vendors. The Paymate API bring several features including recovering lost orders, payment statuses and validating payments to third party applications. It joins 315 APIs related to payment in our API directory.

The API documentation reveals it is an HTTP API with responses in XML. Third party queries can be made for sellers provided three conditions are in place: the seller has to authorize the query, the third party has to be registered with Paymate and the third party has to provide the seller's email. Buyers can transact from 60 countries, including the United States, while sellers, who must be on the Paymate system of course, must be in New Zealand or Australia. API call limits have yet to be determined.

Algolia API Provides Fast Real-Time Search of Your Data

How fast can your users search your site to get what they need? Y Combinator-backed Algolia has developed a method of searching your data fast over the web, through interaction with their servers. Using a REST API with responses in JSON between user and client, the service hosts on multiple data centers to reduce latency.

Romain Dillet reports in Techcrunch that getting this API working is just like the service itself: fast.

"Search on the web has been broken for a while, and Algolia knows that. That’s why the company even created Search Grader, a way to grade your search engine based on a series of factors. YouTube is at 88 out of 100, Facebook is at 75, Yelp is at 62. Even well-known websites that rely a lot on search have a pretty bad rank: Airbnb gets a 48/100, and Vimeo only gets 31.

Compare your average website to Algolia; it’s night and day — Algolia feels like using OS X’s Spotlight feature on the web. You can also use the service to power your search feature in your mobile app. The user experience is pretty similar. Algolia customers include TVShow Time and Socialcam. Soon, the Pebble appstore will use Algolia as well."

As a means of proving their speed, Algolia set up a Twitter handle search that does a quicker job than what's available on Twitter itself.

The API set up focuses on two steps: installing AlgoliaSearch and initializing the client with your ApplicationID and API-Key. To get your data loaded, it is pushed as JSON content.  To see how fast set up is, check out the live demo. These people breathe speed. Even their demo has a visual of the 5 steps in the demo, each estimated to take 1 minute. Most impressive was the typo search. You are invited to search for items in a dataset and insert typos while you're doing it; in my test it could overlook typos entered before the real data you were searching for, but had trouble with typos placed at both the start and finish of the search item. Still, impressive.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

21 New APIs

Today we had 21 new APIs added to our API directory including a captcha solving service, a crypto-currency economic data service, a litecoin mining pool, a bitcoin casino service, a crypto-currency exchange aggregator and a crypto-currency payment service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CaptchaCoinCaptchaCoin API: CaptchaCoin is a captcha solving service that allows users to both use the service to have their own captchas solved, or users can solve captchas and receive payment for the service in bitcoins. The CaptchaCoin API allows users to submit captchas to be solved. The API uses REST calls, and an account is required with service, as well as an API key.

CoinometricsCoinometrics API: Coinometrics is a crypto-currency economic data provider that is utilizing economics, statistics, mathematics, and current data to attempt to explain crypto-currencies relationship with modern economic theory. The site tracks the data and applies it to establish economic metrics, and compares it to other existing fiat currencies to create usable data. The Coinometrics API allows users to make calls to access historical trade data, utilize a live trade socket, view historical metric data, and live metric sockets. An account is required with service.

CoinRelayCoinRelay API: CoinRelay is a Litecoin mining pool that allows users to do pool processing power to mine litecoin, as well as mine anonymously. The CoinRelay API uses REST calls, and allows users to query to get pool data and user account information. An account and API key are required for API usage.

CoinRollCoinRoll API: Coinroll is a bitcoin gambling service where users can use bitcoins to wager on a variety of games in hopes of increasing their holdings. The Coinroll API allows users to make calls to create an account, place a bet, request an outstanding balance, withdraw funds, check a deposit status, query a bet, query by a bet ID, and get game information. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. SSL is used for authentication, and an account is required with service.

CoinVibesCoinVibes API: CoinVibes aims to be the unified Bitcoin exchange website where users can make API calls to get exchange data from all the exchanges through a single API. The CoinVibes API allows users to access crypto-currency data from exchanges across the internet. Uses can make REST calls to get a list of exchanges and prices, to get currency pairs from different exchanges, get currency to U.S. Dollars, currency to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to fiat.

GoCoinGoCoin API: GoCoin is an international payment platform that allows users to send and accept crypto-currencies as payment within merchant shops and other organizations. The GoCoin API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to make calls to interact with account data, deposit addresses, invoices, merchants, merchant users, merchant payout addresses, and users. An account is required with service, and OAuth and SSL are used for authentication.

Gradwell CallGradwell Call API: Gradwell is a communication technology company that provides a variety of services that include broadband internet access, business phone services, email hosting, web hosting, and a computer hardware store.

The Call API lets users add a "call" button to their websites that allows visitors to ask to be called by the user's system. The visitor provides their phone number; one of the user's extensions makes a call to that number; and when the visitor answers, the call is routed to an internal destination.

Gradwell SMSGradwell SMS API: Gradwell is a communication technology company that provides a variety of services that include broadband internet access, business phone services, email hosting, web hosting, and a computer hardware store.

Users can send SMS from other systems or applications automatically using Gradwell's SMS API. SMS can be sent from any phone number on the user's account. Messages may be sent internationally and can contain up to 160 characters.

IntxtIntxt API: Intxt is an SMS and text marketing company that has customized its services for industries such as retail, recruitment, event management, hospitality, real estate, and education. Intxt allows users to integrate their SMS services with other applications via API. This lets users automatically send out personalized messages using data from their host system database.

JOLO RechargeJOLO Recharge API: JOLO is an India-based provider of messaging, web hosting, and mobile recharging services. JOLO's Recharge service allows users to recharge their mobile phones, DTHs, and data cards online. Developers wanting to offer these services to end users on their own websites or applications can integrate with the JOLO Recharge API. In exchange for an annual API access fee, they get paid a commission for every recharge.

JOLO SMSJOLO SMS API: JOLO is an India-based provider of messaging, web hosting, and recharging services. JOLO provides an SMS API that allows users to integrate SMS capabilities into their website or application. This allows users to send SMS, check the status of sent SMS, and check their account balance via REST calls. Developers must pay a one-time fee for API access.

KibotKibot API: Kibot is a financial markets data provider that provides security and tick data from over 40 years of trade data. The site provides access to US and Canadian stocks, ETF data, indices, forex, and futures. The Kibot API allows users to pull historical trade data from Kibot and integrate it into third party systems. The API uses REST calls. An account is required with service.

Litecoin-investLitecoin-invest API: Litecoin-Invest is a crypto-currency service that enables users to urchase litecoin, as well as invest in bitcoin related companies. The litecoin-Invest API allows users to make REST calls to retrieve ticker information, get market data and active orders on a particular security, get all trades in 48 hours, get trade history and dividend information, and other security information. An account is required with service.

National Library of the NetherlandsNational Library of the Netherlands API: Access to over 11,000 rights-free illuminations (illustrations and decorations) from 400 medieval manuscripts from the National Library of the Netherlands (a.k.a. Koninklijke Bibliotheek). Descriptive metadata is also available. Access via SRU and OAI-PMH protocols.

Metadata is available under CC0-license, the 11,000 images are in the public domain.

PaymatePaymate API: Paymate is a secure payment system enabling users to accept credit card payments both online and via mobile devices. The Paymate API allows developers to programmatically update payment statuses, recover lost orders not recorded at the seller site, and to validate payments.

QUICK SMSQUICK SMS API: QUICK SMS provides users with a bulk SMS gateway for sending out texts as reminders, invitations, alerts, etc. It can also be used for marketing campaigns. The QUICK SMS API allows users to integrate an application, website, or system with the SMS gateway via REST calls. This allows users to programmatically send SMS, get delivery reports on sent messages, and check their account balance.

SMSClusterSMSCluster API: SMSCluster is an international SMS marketing service that enables users to send bulk SMS to recipients anywhere in the world. It can be used to send alerts, run a marketing campaign, celebrate an event, and perform other mass communication tasks. During development, users can make use of a "simulation mode" to avoid wasting funds on sending test SMS.

The SMSCluster API allows users to send and receive messages as well as check the status of sent messages via REST, SMTP, or SOAP calls. Users can send up to 10,000 texts with a single API request. SMSCluster provides free sample scripts for its API in Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, and (in the near future) C#.

TagbondTagbond API: Tagbond is a crypto-currency exchange that allows users to trade in bitcoin and tagcoin using a variety of fiat currencies. Tagbond API allows users to make calls to get ticker information, retrieve trade depth, search trade history, and execute buy and sell trades of the crypto currency. An account is required with service. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON while using SSL for authentication. API: is a New Zealand online department store. The Nile carries books, baby supplies, health and beauty, home and garden, pets, movies, music, sports and outdoors, textbooks, and toys. The Nile provides a REST API that delivers product information from the book department and accesses the Nile’s search engine.

TrustedCoinTrustedCoin API: TrustedCoin is a bitcoin security service that offers to add additional levels of security and authentication to bitcoin storage and transactions. The TrustedCoin API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API allows users to send alerts to prevent unauthorized transactions, create custom wallets, and add additional layers of security on top of bitcoin wallets and other services. An account is required with service.

Wholesale SMSWholesale SMS API: Wholesale SMS is a UK-based provider of cheap bulk SMS services. These come with a wide range of useful features, including the ability to create and use templates, future message scheduling, automated message personalization, a built-in URL shortener, pre-send number validation, full reporting, dynamic sender IDs, and more. New users are given credits when they sign up to let them test out the platform for free.

The Wholesale SMS API allows users to access all of the functionality of the web-based platform and integrate it into their own applications. Wholesale SMS comes with a white label option that allows it to be branded in order to blend seamlessly with any application.