Today in APIs: PayPal Opens New APIs to the World, Clinton Health Codeathon, and 5 New APIs

PayPal makes its new REST APIs available to developers around the world. The Clinton Foundation sponsors a health codeathon. Plus: QQ Solutions API released for insurance management system, new innovation center in downtown Moscow, and 5 new APIs.

We Pay the World: PayPal Opens New REST APIs to Developers Around the Globe

A group of APIs released by PayPal in March to developers in the US is now being released to developers around the world. Now you can incorporate payments in multiple currencies.

The number of US developers already using these APIs is north of 50,000, according to John Lunn, writing on the company blog, PayPal forward. It looks as though new releases will continue to land in teh US and Canada first. For example, the REST API has added the capability to process credit card transactions in these two countries, with the promise that the feature will be rolled out world wide at a later date.

The Clinton Foundation's Health Codeathon

Long involved with public health issues, the Clinton Foundation just concluded a health codeathon, August 9-11. Other sponsors included Ace Hotel, Tumblr, Jawbone, Exhale and Sweetgreen.

Participants were free to use APIs, datasets and other tools of the participants' design. Results were not reported as of this writing. But according to the press release, the submissions were to be judged based on six key criteria: playability, design, art, accomplishing the prompt, potential impact and each team’s health.

"For the first time, event partner Jawbone will allow exclusive access to its API for UP – the wristband and app system for better daily living – before opening it to the public later this year. "We're excited to bring designers and hackers from the Tumblr community into the Ace Hotel to develop projects with health in mind." John Bunting, Lead API Engineer at Tumblr. "Tumblr has been a long supporter of tech communities developing on our API, and is proud to see these developers work together to do good in our hometown of New York City."

Winners received JAMBOXes and exercise classes from Exhale. Perhaps most unusual, the organizers promised to set the standard for a healthy hackathon environment.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a data management service, an event promotion service, a user behavior tracking Platform and an online payment service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Device42Device42 API: Device42 is an infrastructure management provider that offers data center management, IP address management, and IT asset and QR code management. The Device42 API allows users to enter, edit, and retrieve data. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON, XML, or JSONP. An account is required with service.

DoorkeeperDoorkeeper API: Doorkeeper is an event promotion service that helps promoters build a network of participants called a "community." Invites for future events can be sent instantly to everyone in a community, and upcoming events automatically appear on community members' calendars. Should a promoter decide to switch services, they can easily export community members' information and take it with them.

When an event is created, Doorkeeper can share its information with other event listing sites. Instead of just getting a count of people who say they're coming, promoters can choose to charge in advance for events and then check participants in using a ticket scanning app. They can also send reminders to people who signed up for an event in advance to make sure they turn up.

The Doorkeeper API allows users to retrieve all of the events listed on Doorkeeper or the events for a given community. The Doorkeeper website and API Documentation are offered in both English and Japanese.

EvergageEvergage API: Evergage is a platform for companies and brands to track user behavior in one dashboard. The dashboard is customizable, and allows companies to better their customer service and increase visitor conversion rates.

The Evergage API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Evergage with other applications. Some example API methods include importing and exporting data.

Paytrail ConnectPaytrail Connect API: Paytrail is a Finnish online payment service that aims to help companies provide a pleasant shopping experience for their customers. The service allows customers to make purchases using their preferred payment method whether it is online bank payments, card payments, invoicing, or installments. Paytrail also offers an account for consumers that allows them to use one login for all their online purchases. The Paytrail Connect REST API offers programmatic access to Paytrail services. An account with service is required.

SBA Content ShareSBA Content Share API: The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) assists U.S. small businesses with contracts, loans, loan guarantees, counseling sessions and other services. The agency aims to preserve competitive enterprise, strengthen the economy, and help businesses grow. The SBA Content Share API is a module designed to allows users to initiate data transfers from a third-application or browser. The service uses REST calls and will return either XML or JSON. An account is required with service.