Today in APIs: Phase2's Humanitarian API, and 3 New APIs

Phase2 streamlines humanitarian API for Reliefweb. The game Civilization: Beyond Earth hardwires support for Mantle's API. Plus: getting started with data publishing, Beatport's API for music culture, and 3 new APIs.

Reliefweb Gets API for Two Decades of Disaster Data

Reliefweb, part of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs, (OCHA) has enlisted the help of Phase2 and Development Seed to streamline an API that gives developers access to two decades of disaster data.

As Phase2 commented, Reliefweb collects data from over 4,000 information sources, and needed the API for that data to be intuitive and easy to use:

ReliefWeb’s enhanced API transforms its agglomeration of data into a technology Platform used to create knowledge and drive action. By making the tool more developer-friendly and sustainable, and thus facilitating further uses and innovations from the API’s users, Phase2 allowed ReliefWeb to better achieve its own mission to convert information into knowledge. As the API gains users and evolves, we envision it enabling not only broad collaboration with minimal overhead, but also promoting a community of practice in the humanitarian space with the ReliefWeb API at its core.

This could point the way to future collaborations: Reliefweb's data collection and information products have continued to evolve since it started in 1996. More APIs and configurations are no doubt in the offing.

Mantle API Baked into Civilization Game

Sid Meier's highly anticipated Civilization: Beyond Earth game will use the Mantle API to extend its distribution. The game, just announced for the fall of 2014, harkens back to the earlier Alpha Centauri days. It's a kind of Interstellar Oregon Trail where gamers write the next chapter for humanity.

As Syed Muhammad Usman Pirzada reports,

Sid Meier’s team has left no stone unturned in an attempt to distribute it to the widest audience possible. The game not only supports every major platform including Windows, Steam OS, Linux and Mac OS but will also have Mantle API support hardwired into the code. Expect to see Mantle API fueled performance out of the box and without any synthetic updates unlike Battlefield 4 and Thief. It goes without saying that DirectX is supported and unless I am mistaken, Nvidia will be working on bringing out a DX 11 Optimization Driver for the game in a tit for tat fashion.

Out of the wreckage of the apocalypse comes a set of optimistic choices for game players, from becoming sentient computers to becoming indigenous to the new world or remaining as humanity is today.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

3 New APIs

Today we had 3 new APIs added to our API directory including a multilingual bible verse service, an enterprise collaboration service and a wholesale floral products availability information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

getBiblegetBible API: The getBible API allows users to retrieve Bible verses for their websites in the version and translation that they want. If no version is specified, the English-language King James Version of the Bible is used by default. Some of the other languages available include French, German, Hebrew, Greek, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swahili, Arabic, and Esperanto.

HonbuHonbu API: Honbu is designed to help people working at the same company communicate and collaborate on projects. Because Honbu provides a secure online environment, users can safely share business information and develop new content. Honbu allows users to create and join groups specific to their projects or roles, helping keep everyone in the loop and build a company culture.

PennockPennock API: Pennock Floral is a wholesale supplier of flowers, floral containers, and other specialty items that sells exclusively to retail outlets. They have locations all along the east coast of the U.S. The Pennock API allows users to retrieve information on the availability of specific products, including their cost, quantity, and description.