Today in APIs: Picnik Replacement, Ethics API and 11 New APIs

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On Friday Google closed two APIs, including the online photo editor, Picnik. To fill the void, Aviary has launched a new photo app using its Aviary Suite API on Facebook meant to be a Picnik replacement. Also, a San Francisco government organization creates what may be the first API for ethics. That and 11 new APIs rounds out today in APIs.

Aviary Grabs the Picnik Basket

Photo editing tool Aviary has launched a Facebook app and is courting former Picnik users. It also gives them a brand new reason to reach out to developers interested in using any of Aviary's APIs:

If you’re a developer who’s been using Picnik for photo editing on your site, we’ve got you covered too! You can embed our editor on your site with just a few lines of code, and your users can get all their editing done without going anywhere!

Political Lobbying Gets an API in San Francisco

A government organization had this technical problem:

The San Francisco Ethics Commission has required lobbyists to file detailed electronic disclosure statements since 2010, but much of this data was difficult to use because it wasn't formatted in a way that could be interpreted by relational databases.

The solution? The San Francisco Ethics Commission Lobbyist API, the first ethics API we've seen. Of course, there have been similar transparency initiatives from the Sunlight Foundation via the Sunlight Labs APIs.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a content locking advertising service, web security service, daily weather and climatological summary service, celebrity photo Library, chat based live support service, satellite data purchasing service, weather data retrieval and forecasting service, san francisco lobbyist information database, snowpack data service, water quality data service, social networks for churches, . Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BLAM AdsBLAM Ads API: BLAM Ads is an online advertising service that can be implemented with to monetize websites using content locking advertising. When BLAM's code is pasted into a website's HTML, visitors will be prompted with a "content locking gateway" which will display several offers that users must interact with to gain access to the rest of the site. This model ensures that any user who makes it to a site using BLAM's content locking is providing advertising revenue to the site owner.

The BLAM ads API provides programmatic access to exactly how the content locking service operates on a site, giving developers control over the types of offers presented to end-users of their sites. Other functionality exposed by this API includes statistics and reporting, account and user management, and Integration with virtual currencies - for example interacting with ads in exchange for a certain amount of virtual currency.

This RESTful API can be configured to provide a wide range of response types, including JSON, JSONP, XML, PHP, CSV, and HTML. Access to this API is dependent on an account with service.

CensorNet Hosted Web SecurityCensorNet Hosted Web Security API: The Hosted Web Security Platform offered by CensorNet is SaaS security suite designed to secure networks with multiple locations and remote, unsupervised, or roaming users. Their software intercepts web any web traffic from a network, allowing administrators to control and report on all user activity. Furthermore, Hosted Web Security includes functionality for user security and Authentication.

The Hosted Web Security REST API provides developers with the flexibility to integrate the service into their own applications and systems, and provides the means for external control and monitoring. Other uses of this API include custom web filtering, automatic provisioning of customer and user accounts, reporting, and importation of external users into a Hosted Web Security account.

DaymetDaymet API: Daymet was developed at the University of Montana by the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG) to provide fine resolution, daily meteorological and climatological data. The Daymet API generates maps of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and radiation over large regions of complex terrain. It can also retrieve daily surface weather data for a specific geographic point.

ImageCollectImageCollect API: ImageCollect is a celebrity photo marketplace. Users can access over 4.4 million photos on a subscription basis.

The ImageCollect API allows developers to access content and data from ImageCollect to create other applications. Some example API methods include searching the library by celebrity, downloading image URLs, and retrieving the most recent celebrity pictures and popular celebrity photos. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

LiveLeader Data ExportLiveLeader Data Export API: Kalibera LiveLeader is a live chat based support service. The LiveLeader data export API lets users access historical chat data and integrate it with their own CMS. Chat data can be searched for by time, user, keyword, location, ISP and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging SpectroradiometerNASA Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer API: MODIS (or Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is a key data-gathering instrument aboard the Terra and Aqua satellites, which view Earth's entire surface every 1 to 2 days. From this vantage point, MODIS generates imagery of Earth in 36 spectral bands. This imagery is available for public purchase online. The MODAPS API allows users to search, order, and download certain types of MODIS imagery through a programmable interface.

NCEP North American MesoscaleNCEP North American Mesoscale API: The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) North American Mesoscale (NAM) Model retrieves and analyzes data taken from across the continental U.S. to make predictions about future weather conditions. Data used by this model comes from the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS). The SOAP API for accessing the NCEP NAM functionality is provided by CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS).

San Francisco Ethics Commission LobbyistSan Francisco Ethics Commission Lobbyist API: San Francisco Ethics Commission requires lobbyists to file monthly disclosure statements electronically. The disclosures give access to the lobbyist client lists, expenses, political contributions and more. In order to make those statements more transparent, the Ethics Commission API provides access to the lobbyist database. Developers can search filings by year, lobbyist, and individual filings.

The API is free and available without an API Key. The RESTful service returns data in JSON format.

SNOTELSNOTEL API: The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) installs, operates, and maintains an extensive automated system to collect snowpack and related climatic data in the Western United States called SNOTEL (for SNOwpack TELemetry). The SNOTEL API provides SOAP-based access to data collected by this system.

USGS National Water Information SystemUSGS National Water Information System API: The USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) provides a suite of APIs to facilitate the automated sharing of water monitoring data. The USGS NWIS APIs provide information on all monitoring locations within a given geographic area and can also retrieve water-quality measurements by site. All data is provided by the NWISWeb database.

WeGatherWeGather API: WeGather is a private social network for churches. It is web based software that allows churches to manage their events, volunteers, store data and more. The data stored on WeGather can be accessed via an API and integrated with third party applications and other websites. Documentation of the API is not publicly available.