Today in APIs: Pinterest API Rumor, SlimSurveys' Fat API, and 10 New APIs

Pinterest draws back curtain on the future, suggests API is in the wings. SlimSurveys releases API for their entire service and partners with Realtidbit. Plus: Abacus Builds an OS for IoT you can count on, Instagram starts blocking third-party Windows Phone app uploads, and 10 new APIs.

Pinterest Head Engineer Stokes Rumors of an API

Pinterest, the ultimate collection of collections, is looking to align the interests of its content providers and users. It's head of engineering, Jon Jenkins, is looking to understand and tap into the power of "adjacent interests" between posted items, and how to add value to pins.

According to Rachel King of ZDnet, at a recent whiteboard session at the company's headquarters, Pinterest is looking for ways to exploit the huge collection of data it generates,

"Pinterest runs on a network that somewhat parallels ideas behind the Open and Social Graph infrastructures at Facebook with its own "Interest Graph." Yet Jenkins also argued that he doesn't think there is a single other company building an infrastructure similar to the Interest Graph."

An API to take advantage of this information is clearly in the works, she notes. This is in tandem with working with partners to develop it.  However, no date for its release has been set.

SlimSurvey Launches API for Tiny Surveys, Has New Partner

Are you the type that: A) likes to fill in surveys or B) hates them. (Circle one.) Wait! No more questions, promise. Survey company SlimSurveys knows the answer is mostly B, which is why they make their surveys tiny and pain free. They allow a maximum of 7 questions. To paraphrase Shakespeare's saying about wit: Brevity is the soul of surveys. Their surveys are increasingly delivered over mobile. your answer just a touch away. No more, "please use a lead pencil." They are easy to answer and can be accompanied with images of the objects the user is being surveyed about. And questions are delivered one at a time. What's the big deal about one at a time? Respondents are given just the right amount of information at a time to enable a rapid response.

7 questions, 30 seconds. These people are on it.
Now, an API serves up SlimSurvey's entire meal of offerings.

According to the press release, the company foresees a lot of uses for its API,

"The SlimSurveys API allows developers to easily add functionality to any web app or mobile Platform, including iOS and Android, by seamlessly integrating surveys and other micro-interaction functionality natively into any app experience to collect and display customer feedback. The platform was built as a true REST API, focusing on being lightweight and performant, supporting both XML and JSON. The company plans to continue to grow its API offering to create the most expansive survey platform."

The first company to plunge in and use the API is Realtidbits, a company that specializes in real-time commenting. Now, with SlimSurvey, Realtidbit users can post surveys with their blogs' comment streams.
Pricing is on the freemium model with complete access to the API requiring developers to contact them for pricing details.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a content publishing system, an online accounting service, an email marketing service, a cloud-based application hosting service, a digital content curation service and a usage metrics for plos articles service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AxilentAxilent API: Axilent is a web and mobile content publishing system built around ACE (Adaptive Context Engine), a SaaS publishing platform that matches content to users with features such as user analysis, personalized content, product recommendations, and contextual marketing. The Axilent API provides a RESTful interface for automating manipulation of ACE.

CrunchCrunch API: Crunch is an online accountancy firm that specializes in accessible accounting services for contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. Crunch offers a unique combination of cloud software and dedicated, personal service.

The Crunch REST API allows developers to integrate data and services from Crunch into third-party applications. The API Documentation covers supplier, expense and client service endpoints. Responses are returned in XML.

EmailOutbound Email ListEmailOutbound Email List API: EmailOutbound is a company that provides business database and email marketing solutions. One of the company's offerings is Email List, which provides email marketing services such as email templates, built-in spam checking, inbox previews, autoresponders, action triggers, and contact list importing.

Email List comes with an API that allows developers to add or remove contacts, retrieve or update contact details, search a list for a given contact, and more.

InsynQInsynQ API: InsynQ provides businesses with cloud-based hosting for their apps. It was one of the first cloud computing companies formed and currently hosts more than 300 applications. One of InsynQ's services is SSIT (Self Serve IT), which manages account information about users, applications, billing, and subscriptions. SSIT is remotely accessible via API, but the details on this API are not currently public.

NymbolNymbol API: Nymbol is a content management system for mobile apps that connects digital content with physical objects and places. Nymbol lets you add “objects” to a collection, add text, upload photos and videos and include links and embeddable resources from sites like YouTube and Flickr.

The Nymbol RESTful API provides programmatic access to Nymbol's services. Access data and handle user-generated content like photos, ratings and comments. Responses are formatted in JSON or XML and an API Key is required.

PLOS Article-Level MetricsPLOS Article-Level Metrics API: Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a nonprofit advocacy organization and publisher aiming to transform scientific and medical research communication. Every article PLOS publishes is open access and contains metadata describing the article’s usage and reach. This metadata is called Article-Level Metrics.
The PLOS Article-Level Metrics API provides a RESTful interface for retrieving usage statistics for page views, downloads, citations, Wikipedia article mentions, social network references, and coverage from select blogs.

PODFatherPODFather API: PODFather is a cloud based mobile software solution designed for businesses working in logistics, construction, and other field service sectors. An integrated PDA and web-based back office solution allows businesses to manage their operations in real-time.

The PODFather API allows you to fully integrate the PODFather system with existing IT systems. The API is RESTful and uses both CSV and XML file formats. Use the API to create runs, jobs and download completed PODs.

ThinknumThinknum API: The Thinknum financial analysis engine is an open platform meant to bring the functionality of a proprietary trading desk to the web. The Thinknum API allows users to conduct time-series analysis, run regressions, and correlations, as well as to save and share charts. Responses are JSON formatted.

TV Media TV ListingsTV Media TV Listings API: TV Media offers a TV Listings API that developers can use to integrate program listings information for Canada and the U.S. into their applications. The API provides access to show lineups, daily sports listings, movie listings, and station logos. It also lets users retrieve program details, series information, cast members, and episode descriptions. The TV Listings API uses REST calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

VivastreetVivastreet API: Vivastreet is a free, local classified ads service available for cities in countries in all over the world. Find hundreds of free classifieds in your local area for everything from rental properties, used cars, and pets for sale to language classes, local events and free personals.

Vivastreet has implemented a REST API to give developers and third party content providers the ability to post listings on their website. Use the API to create, update or delete a listing. An API key is required.