Today in APIs: PrintToPeer API Covers All 3D Printers, and 3 New APIs

PrintToPeer API makes 500 3D printers compatible. Apperian API opens for mobile app development. Plus: Clearent's API makes payments play nice with software, Mozilla launches social API directory, and 3 new APIs.

PrintToPeer API Makes Printing to All 500 3D Printers Possible

3D printing is a three-dimensional nightmare—you have to use a multitude of types of software just to deliver the file to the printer. It's so cumbersome that even companies wanting to deliver 3d printing-as-a-service are struggling. PrintToPeer aims to change all that. Their API already handles 80% of all 3D printers.

As John Koetsier explains in VentureBeat, the secret is to manage the whole process through an API:

Tiny two-person startup PrintToPeer is building software to fix that problem. In fact, it’s a set of applications for scheduling, user management, memory management, and networking that 3D printer owners can call via a single API. It’s all delivered via a custom Linux distribution the company will ship on a Raspberry Pi.

The company is using a kickstarted campaign not so much for the cash, but to reach out to printers, in the hopes that printers will let them build the API right into their machines.

Apperian Makes Entire Enterprise Platform Available Via an API

Apperian facilitates the secure deployment of enterprise mobile apps to any device, without the need for coding SDKs or added complexity. Now it has made that enterprise mobility platform available through a series of APIs.

As Richard Harris reports in App Developer Magazine,

This allows external systems to access capabilities, such as publishing apps, performing app inspections, accessing reports, crowdsourcing, monitoring the overall system, and more. The API interfaces are already in use both within the Apperian platform and in conjunction with other partners like McAfee, IBM, Appcelerator, Mobiquity, Xamarin, iFactr, AnyPresence, and ViziApps.

Along with other API releases made recently, this handle's the management of mobility IT infrastructure, allowing action to be taken based on the Apperian platform—publishing apps, performing inspections and monitoring.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

3 New APIs

Today we had 3 new APIs added to our API directory including a french business directory service, a japanese earthquake database and a music streaming and information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Firmapi API: Firmapi collects information on French businesses from publicly available legal notices and advertisements. The API allows a user to search by the nine-digit SIREN (French company registration number), by company name, or by postal code. A successful match will also return the company's number of establishments, registration date, and basic financial activity.

Japan Seismic Hazard Information StationJapan Seismic Hazard Information Station API: The Japan Seismic Hazard Information Station, or J-SHIS, is part of Japan's National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. It helps the Japanese public prepare for earthquakes by maintaining maps and numerical data regarding seismic activity, and allowing public access to its data via a RESTful API. API Documentation is provided in Japanese.

Xbox Music DeveloperXbox Music Developer API: Xbox Music provides access to common features of online music sources: the ability to purchase MP3s; PC, Web, and mobile music and video streaming; customizable artist-based radio.

The RESTful API provides access to the above Xbox Music services, provides metadata on artists and albums, and offers an affiliate program to share revenue with developers. It allows developers to track new releases and chart trends based on countries and genres. It also offers a feature where developers can remix select Xbox Music content and incorporate it into apps or programs.