Today in APIs: Pristine Sidesteps the Mirror API for HIPAA

Pristine Aims to Expand Telehealth Through Google Glass. Nordic APIs to host a Platform summit. Plus: Looking for the Facebook of Pot and hacking your API security testing.

Pristine Raises $5.5M to Expand Telehealth Through Google Glass

Pristine has just raised $5.5 million to expand its Telehealth via Google Glass. This is the only HIPAA-compliant video-streaming and checklist solution available on Google's system. That's no mean feat.


As CEO Kyle Samani was quoted as saying in the HIT Consultant, the Google Glass API has limitations:

The mirror API is pretty much unusable for anything healthcare related, because everything gets routed through Google’s own servers. Google told us flat out, ‘We do not want you putting healthcare data on our servers.’ Google knows the privacy advocates will be all over them for it, so they’re discouraging it from the start.

Pristine has to meet HIPAA compliance standards for its two apps called Eyesight and Checklists. Eyesight streams video, while Checklists is useful in clinical procedures. To accomplish this, Pristine has abandoned the Mirror API altogether, choosing instead to keep all data transmitted behind a hospital's firewall. This is likely to be a route taken by others facing the same HIPAA regulations.

Nordic APIs Platform Summit October 20-22

Nordic APIs will host a platform summit in Stockholm as the theme for its annual conference, October 20-22. Speakers include Kin Lane and people from SoundCloud, LEGO,and many others. As the group explained, APIs are increasingly at the center of every business:

here is no denying that the world is more connected, and with it comes a faster pace of change. As a result, it is becoming a great challenge for all types of organisations to stay relevant in tomorrow’s environment. To overcome these obstacles, organizations must become an API platform. This conference is designed to help you learn how.

Tickets are available now.

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