Today In APIs: PunchFork API shutdown, FullContact Account Stats API and 6 New APIs

Pinterest plans to shutdown its first acquisition PunchFork, including its API. FullContact API nows offers Account Stats endpoint to monitor your usage. Plus: Google Offline Conversion API is both a blessing and a curse, Facebook announces better open graph stories with Flexible Sentences, and 6 new APIs.

Pinterest plans to shutdown PunchFork API

Pinterest recently acquired PunchFork, a food recipe and discovery site and it plans to shutdown PunchFork's web site, mobile apps and the PunchFork API.  For the last couple of years, PunchFork built up a healthy collection of recipes and search mechanisms to help you find recipes based on the ingredients in your kitchen. By merging this database and functionality into its site, Pinterest users can now tap into this database and the move also opens up possibilities of more acquisitions by Pinterest around other topics of interest.

FullContact now provides a Stats API

FullContactFullContact API users can now tap a new Stats API to monitor their current account usage. The FullContact Account Stats endpoint provides information on your usage statistics in either JSON or XML format. Say goodbye to logging into your management portal and instead use the API to build custom notification mechanisms as you near the limit. See full documentation for details.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

6 New APIs

Today we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including a european union lobbyist information service, an a/b testing service, a uniform domain name registration service, a bulk sms service, an australian superannuation fund a look-up service and a currency conversion and rounding. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

LobbyFacts DataLobbyFacts Data API: LobbyFacts provides access to information regarding the lobbyists and consultants who influence the European Union's (EU) policies and decisions. It also provides access to financial information on grants issued by the EU to various entities. The LobbyFacts Data API provides easy access to all of this information via REST calls, which may be issued in JSON, JSONP, or CSV format. All of the databases referenced by LobbyFacts are hosted by the European Commission website.

MynaMyna API: Myna is an A/B testing service, a type of tool for testing the effectiveness of proposed website changes. It does so by presenting some visitors with the original site and others with the updated version of the site. The impacts of both versions on user behavior are then monitored and compared. Myna employs multi-armed bandit algorithms, a machine learning technique that optimizes experiments as they run, resulting in more conversions and faster tests. Myna can be integrated with the user's website using its RESTful API, which employs calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

Realtime RegisterRealtime Register API: Realtime Register is a registrar that builds tools and solutions for domain resellers. The central API of Realtime Register merges many different registration rules and procedures to ensure that each domain name registration is submitted in exactly the same way. This service can be accessed using either the HTTP (REST) or EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) protocol.

The HTTP API automates the registration process while making minimal changes to the developer's website. Larger resellers, such as those using a fully automated system, may opt to connect directly with the Realtime Register server through the EPP API.

SMS TelintelSMS Telintel API: SMS Telintel is a platform for designing, creating, and managing services that are provided via SMS messaging. Such services may include marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, games, opinion polls, etc. One component of this platform is the Bulk SMS service, which enables users to send an SMS message to a large group of recipients with a single command. The Bulk SMS service can be fully integrated with the user's software, services, and websites through the RESTful SMS Telintel API.

Super Fund Lookup SearchSuper Fund Lookup Search API: The Super Fund Lookup website provides access to publicly available information about super funds that have an ABN (Australian Business Number). Such information includes the complying status and contact details for a fund. Interested parties can search for super funds directly from the website using the web interface or programmatically using the SOAP-based API. The web interface lets users search for a super fund by name or ABN, while the API currently lets users search by ABN only.

XchangeonlineXchangeonline API: The Xchangeonline API provides developers with currency conversion functionality and currency rounding functionality. All exchange rates are kept current. Developers simply call the API specifying the function(conversion or rounding), amount of money, the current currency, the desired currency value, and the API key giving them access to the service. The API then returns the value of the money in the currency desired. It also supports a wide variety of development platforms and over 100 different currencies.


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